4 thoughts on “James Taylor – Fire and Rain

    1. Eeeek, this is news to me. Read the links you posted and heard it straight from the traitors mouth.

      He also loves Obama.

      I think James still thinks he’s in the 60’s.

      I wish these celebs would just stick to what they are best at, and keep their opinions to themselves.

      1. Agreed Katie in a very big way,
        It is a sad thing but those of us who get into the public light believe they are now responsible to help the rest of society get away from what keeps us all as free as it might.

        Like I said I do enjoy his music and have even seen him live out in socal sd but I will never again due to his personal/political beliefs and I try to bring this to the attention of others when the subject comes up.

  1. No! What is with all these people! He’s worthy of Benjamin Franklins assertion. Those willing to sacrifice Liberty for freedom, deserve neither.

    It’s as if we aren’t allowed to enjoy anything anymore! I love his music, however…. He put himself on my chopping block. 🙁

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