Japan’s Secret War

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by Robert K. Wilcox

After years of research based on material gathered by American intelligence during the occupation of Japan as well as extensive interviews with surviving participants, Robert Wilcox gives the first detailed account of Japan’s version of the Manhattan Project – from its earliest days to the possible testing of an actual weapon. 

The story involves Japan’s leading scientists, including a future Nobel prize winner; a network of Spanish spies working in North America; and a German U-boat desperately trying to reach Japan with a cargo of uranium in the final days before the Third Reich’s collapse. But perhaps the most fascinating element is the giant industrial complex in northern Korea where the final aspects of the Japanese atomic research may have taken place.

When the Soviet army invaded Korea at the war’s end, they had the entire complex dismantled and shipped back to the Soviet Union. We can only speculate about the information they gained from it. This new edition includes recently unearthed research showing that the Japanese spent much more time on their atomic program than previously made public.


9 thoughts on “Japan’s Secret War

  1. This is Robert K. Wilcox, author of Japan’s Secret War. I appreciate the review above but reader’s need to know I’ve written a new edition – a Third edition – just out that has much new information. It is a completely revised and enlarged edition, totally sourced. The older editions don’t have half the story or information this new one has. Here’s the URL.


  2. What I want to know is “Who are you and where did this new story come from and are you just in it for the Mannon? I’m not going to buy your book, because does not matter at this time in history, write a book on the bill of right and how to be an American National.

    1. Joe. I’m an author. I’ve written 12 published books, thousands of articles, and produced 30 scripts. Google my name – Robert K. Wilcox – if you need more. I’m a professional and, thankfully, I do well enough to pay my bills. But I’m not in it for the money. I’m in it because I believe in what I write. Good writing is too hard to do for any other reason. I posted this because of the confusion earlier editions can cause. The new edition is completely revised and updated and I didn’t want anyone interested to buy the older, lesser editions.

    1. Hal. Robert K. Wilcox here, author of Japan’s Secret War. The FIRST edition of Japan’s Secret War was published in 1985. I went back and updated it with new information, and a SECOND edition was published in 1995. The Left still said it wasn’t true. Japan didn’t try to make an atomic bomb and America was unjustified in using an atomic bomb on Japan. The THIRD edition was just published this December. It puts to rest the Left’s contentions and conclusively shows that Japan vigorously tried to make an atomic bomb during WWII and would have used it on the invasion fleet. It also shows how North Korea took over their plants and that was the beginning of North Korea’s atomic program. I write this so anyone wishing to read the story will get the latest edition – not the one written in 1985.

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