6 thoughts on “Jededia Bila went on The View shared 100% factual covid data and they cut her off.

  1. Only one problem… Jededia is validating the “variant.” And she says she’s not against the vaccine but it’s just not right for her. Maybe her book goes further, but did it ever occur to her to mention the suffering and deaths that have come from the jabs? Did it ever occur to her to come out and call it a BIO-WEAPON?!! Sure, she got in there to speak with J., er, I mean The Tongue of the Head of the Snake, but she’s still upholding the hoax. But hey, that’s tv.


    1. They don’t let anyone even remotely near the very carefully controlled & scripted state-sanctioned propaganda machine unless they are thoroughly screened & ok’d to be part of it. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT! The media is their MOST precious & powerful weapon. Why would they ever jeopardize that in any way? EVERYTHING on TV is propaganda in one form or another. The thing that separates critical thinkers with common sense intact from the dead masses is their ability to plainly see this!

      Watch the b*tch reading the script when she says this right after Jededia says she is not anti-vaxx – “I just don’t understand why you would prioritize your personal freedom over health & safety” – this is the sh*t they are programming into the minds of the walking dead & this is the exact line Fauci & the rest are pushing hard right at the moment.

      The propaganda of the day is literally getting the walking dead to FIGHT AGAINST (personal or individual) freedom! While I see dumb f*cks falling for this crap every day I also know there’s a LOT of angry people against it – let’s just call them the silent majority at this stage 😉

      1. Oh, we know their game-plan; trouble is people eat this up as if something is being served when it’s a nothing burger.

        Howard Beale, where are you?!! 🙂


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