Jeff Censored Died {Jeff C Tribute}

Dec 26, 2020

Jeff C./Jeff Censored died before Christmas.

Jeff Censored one of the OG truthers, recently passed away.

Not a die hard fan of Jeff’s videos yet they’re good, but its sad to see a truther bite the dust.


10 thoughts on “Jeff Censored Died {Jeff C Tribute}

  1. He was the man who originally woke me up. I’m greatly indebted to him. Was sad to hear of his passing. May he rest in peace.

  2. Jeff c will be missed and in my opinion can never be replace he devoted his life to the truth and made me laugh in sorrow ful times, rip buddy

  3. Who the f-k said he died? If no one knows him how can this be verified? Everyone is just agreeing to call him dead? Bull. Do an article called: why I think Jeff c is toast and lay it all out otherwise what is going on? Everyone is just parrot’ing what someone else asserted??

    It’s a dishonor to the dude to ignore his whole agenda: verify. Look at the subtext.

    Was he retasked to a different position ???

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