3 thoughts on “Jeff Rense & Larry Nichols – The Truth About Hillary & 2016

  1. “Hillary Clinton’s daddy was Hugh [Ellsworth] Rodham. Who was Hugh Rodham? Hugh Rodham and the former House Ways and Means Speaker, Dan Rostenkowski, a guy that I testified and got put in prison – Dan Rostenkowski and Hugh Rodham took over the Chicago mob from the Capone organization. That’s why Bill wanted Hillary, because he had the mob money. That’s why whenever you mentioned Bill Clinton during those days, what did you talk about? Dan Lasater, cocaine; Mena, cocaine; Tyson, cocaine; boys on the track, cocaine. Well, those people made a lot of money with a Clinton being president, and you can bet that like after a term again in that tower.”

    What a filthy lot of scumbags. Our government is infested with criminals from top to bottom.

    Thanks for another great post, Cathleen.

  2. Hillary is clearly an evil narcissist. Daughter of Hugh E. Rodham, who together with Don Rostenkowski, took over the Chicago mob after the demise of Al Capone. Hillary is far more dangerous than Obama ever
    hoped to be. People need to do their research before 2016 arrives. The mysterious deaths of 52 people in the Clinton circle of friends and associates, should be fair warning that these people are not the good old folks they pretend to be. America could fix it’s own problems if left alone, but put a narcissist like Hillary in power and watch the problems grow and multiply. SHE WANTS TO CONTROL YOU! THIS IS NOT ABOUT MONEY! IT IS PURELY ABOUT POWER!!!

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