Jennifer Lawrence gets political in short documentary where she talks about ‘the total political system failure in America’

Daily Mail

Jennifer Lawrence is the star of a new documentary about corruption in the American political system.

The film is called ‘Unbreaking America: A NEW Short Film about Solving the Corruption Crisis,’ and lasts just over 12 minutes.

The film is by Represent.Us, an anti-corruption group, which seeks to bridge the political divide, creating anti-corruption laws that ‘stop political bribery’ and ‘fix broken elections.’

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6 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence gets political in short documentary where she talks about ‘the total political system failure in America’

  1. Well, it’s a start. This subject came about because of shows like Henry’s. No doubt about it.

  2. Huh? Nine out of ten Americans want this, are on-board with this? Where did that stat come from? Nobody asked me.

    Oh man, I tried to go into this with an open mind, I did not want to pan it, but… I found so many things wrong with it. First off, no mention of our loss of rights, or the escalating police state, the loss of due process, the millions of homeless, or the invasions disguised as migration, etc. ten times. She sounded a bit like Trump when he was on the campaign trail.

    Okay, she/they (Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Silver) mentioned some of the wrongs that need correcting, but the solutions offered were system-driven, like cleaning up the vote with allowing people to “vote from home.” Oh yeah, I’ll really trust that one.

    She says, “America is no longer a full democracy.” Maybe that’s ’cause we never were. We’re a REPUBLIC, a land of WE-THE-PEOPLE!!

    And that line thing with graphs and diagrams. Soooooooo complicated. It has to stay complicated because the solution (Bill of Rights) is so clear and simple, but that simply cannot be talked about. It’s too damn clean. But hey, she still wants us all on the anti-corruption band wagon. Carnival barker coaxing you to take the ride.

    But what was the biggest thing she left out? Let’s see… Hmmmm… Could it be that the frikkin’ country has been hijacked? The dual citizens (Iz/U.S) are running congress with an Iz first agenda? And how could she have ignored the wars they launch for us to finance and our young to fight? One could go on and on.

    If only she spoke of the urgency of restoring and upholding The Bill of Rights and The Common Law. But, no, we get more Pablum, as she winks at us when mentioning “billionaires.” I wonder what her personal net worth is. Back in a moment. Ha, lookie here:

    $130 Million!! Wow! That must mean that she’s really in touch with the needs of the American People.

    As I type, I can’t seem to be harsh enough. Will just say it will be interesting to see where this newly formed movement will go. And I am having a day-dream right now: Jennifer, you want to end corruption? Jennifer, meet Henry.


  3. Jennifer is really cute and perhaps well intended but until we kick the Zionists who run the government out of the country and send them back to Israel, which should be the second site of obliteration after the City of London to rid the world of endless war I’m afraid we’re swimming up the waterfall blindly.

  4. Making a “documentary” about something one knows nothing about would be impossible, so their “misunderstood” view of what form of government WE are supposed to be is highly suspect.

    Add a 130 million dollar zio-joo hollyweird bimbo and a guy named silver to bring us tgis info, and I think it’s safe to say its point for being produced is direct misinformation to support the falsehood of US being a democracy. EVER.

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