Jeremy Elliot – Truth about Plannedemic in 5 minutes

Jul 11, 2020
From Angie Lee: “Nothing disrupts the system like an inquisitive mind. Most people are now so indoctrinated and brainwashed, to the point of complete and utter complete idiocy. I would rather be called a conspiracy theorist than a brainless, subservient sheep. Just think why no politician or billionaire got sick or died from this “ deadly” virus or, why no politician or billionaire lost their income or had their businesses looted. Unfortunately, those who really need to watch this clip will bypass… Blessed are the poor in spirit I guess…”

5 thoughts on “Jeremy Elliot – Truth about Plannedemic in 5 minutes

  1. It’s not accurate to say that no politician has contracted covid–Trump very publicly got it and got over it, as have a number of other politicians, something that I’m suspicious was planned as a demonstration to ease public fears. I’m not sure that it worked very well but we need more of these practical demonstrations to put the lie to this psy-op.

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