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‘Jesus bought this’: Delighted televangelist Kenneth Copeland giggles with glee as he unveils new $3million private jet paid for by donations from his followers

Daily Mail

Controversial televangelist Kenneth Copeland was all smiles on the tarmac near his Fort Worth, Texas mega church as he took delivery of his new $3million Gulfstream V private jet.

‘This is a big deal, this is a big plane’ he says in a video posted on his ministry’s website, before grinning into the lens and asking viewers, ‘do you see this?  do you see this? I hope so, you bought it. You and Jesus.’ 

Copeland, who is the head of the Kenneth Copeland Ministries and has his own TV show, bought the jet off Tyler Perry.

Kenneth Copeland seen here praying in front of his new plane, said that God had confirmed that he needed a G5

The Gulfstream V, also known as the GV (pronounced Gee Five), introduced in 1997, was one of the first long range private jets.

It can travel up to 6,000 miles without refueling. It is also fast.  But the speed and range come with a pricetag, the GV can start with a base price of $3,700,000, but custom upgrades cost in the tens of millions.

The most popular GV carries 14 passengers comfortably, that has club style seatingfor 4 in the front, 2 more club seats and a couch in the middle and then four more seats in a ‘conference’ set up in the rear of the plane.

This configuration also carries a crew of four

Other GV owners include actors Jim Carrey and John Travolta, as well as rapper Soulja Boy.

In a thank you note posted with the video, a follower writes, ‘First, the Holy Spirit confirmed to Brother Copeland that the Gulfstream V was the plane the Lord had set aside for KCM. Right away discussions began, and Brother Copeland developed a wonderful personal relationship with the seller, Christian businessman and movie-maker Tyler Perry.’

Dressed in a bomber jacket, Copeland prays on the video, chuckling as he thanks God for the ‘partners’ (as he calls church members) who followed him and paid for the plane.

He and his wife Gloria tour the interior and pose for photos. The video ends with a bible passage.

Kenneth Copeland isn’t the first mega minister to ask his flock to pay for a private plane.

In 2015, Reverend Creflo Dollar raised funds to buy a $70million G650.  At first his request for $300 donation from each follower was met with outrage.  Later the church decided that the plane was necessary for Creflo’s ministry work.

And in 2016, Copeland and fellow televangelist Jesse Duplantis defended their use of private planes on Copeland’s TV show ‘Believer’s Voice of Victory’.

On that show Copeland called flying commercial getting in ‘a long tube with a bunch of demons’.

Copeland made headlines in 2013 when an outbreak of measles at the flagship Eagle Mountain mega church near Fort Worth Texas threatened the whole congregation.

In public appearances and on his TV shows Copeland questioned the value of vaccinations, citing links to autism.

Copeland won’t be flying his G5 just yet though, because it needs about $2.5million worth of upgrades before it is ready.

Then the church is trying to raise another $17million for ‘the construction of a new hangar, upgrading the existing runway, and purchasing special GV maintenance equipment’.

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12 Responses to ‘Jesus bought this’: Delighted televangelist Kenneth Copeland giggles with glee as he unveils new $3million private jet paid for by donations from his followers

  1. mary in ND says:

    imagine all the American nationals that could be helped…..

  2. Paul says:

    It’s hard for me to believe there are that many suckers out there sending this reprobate money.

    His just reward is waiting for him and will soon come.

    • Cynicles says:

      Not hard to believe at all. Get out more, speak to some randumb people, you will see.

      That snake oilsman could have had a lot more if more people knew of him.

      “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”
      -George Carlin

    • galen says:

      Good point. And yeah, there are a lot of brainwashed who donate but it’s quite likely those donations are supplemented (beefed up) by much larger donations from Tel Aviv.


  3. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    3 million? No way in hell, try 20 to 30 million! Unless it’s a time share lease buying blocks of time, then maybe 3 mil.

    Who ever wrote this article has got his head up his ass. See reality below:


    • galen says:

      I had the exact same thought. Have never seen an airplane for sale for that cheap, not to mention a jet.

      Probably pocketed the other 25 $Mil.






  5. Paul says:

    Galatians 6:7King James Version (KJV)

    7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

  6. Darzak says:

    ” On that show Copeland called flying commercial getting in ‘a long tube with a bunch of demons’. ”

    Whattsamatter, Kenny? Tough to fit all those demons following you into a first class seat?

    Hell is hotter than a jet engine at full thrust, you wolf in sheep’s clothing. Enjoy your pleasures of greed while you can, because the Lake of Fire awaits all false prophets who despise God’s Word.

  7. DL. says:

    Saw a video once where some reporter compared Copeland to “rock stars” and what I thought was this: Stop insulting rock stars! At least they work for their money! (Or they used to…all they have to do now is autotune…)

  8. Pat says:

    True story- I was armed security at one of his events here in Wichita- escorted him to and from the building. Must have plenty of enemies about. Was a special kind of struggle not to dash his brains out with a 110gr. semi-jacketed hollow point from a .357 mag 🙂 Has an evil presence all around him.

  9. Jolly Roger says:

    I’d be happy to have my truck working again, Jesus.

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