5 thoughts on “Jethro Tull – Rainbow Blues

  1. This is my favorite Tull song and though now on the Warchild cd was not on the album,only way to get it in the past was to get the M.U.best of,volume 1.I had every other song on that from my albums but still bought album just for this song,was played live the first time I saw em and unfortunately well over a 100 shows since have never heard this gem again.

  2. 🙂 🙂 Hat’s off to you James, excellent choice! Thanks for the memories, hadn’t heard that in a long long while. I remember reading it was recorded during the War Child ( a superb album) sessions and rarely,if ever played in concert. If I remember correctly it was on the MU 1 album like you say, I’d have to check, I haven’t played my albums (2500 or so) in a long time. I have the War Child CD and it is not on it. It is also not on any of the rare gem compilations nor the concert videos that I have. A very rare find indeed. Thumbs up Bro.

  3. Les,definitely on the newer Warchild cd’s,was recorded during the “Chateau Disaster Sessions”right before Warchild.Is definetly on the M.U. volume !,only reason I bought it,you do know what M.U. stands for right?,no cheating!Give Henry a thank you,forwarded me pic of house,nice,also told him ok to give my e-mail,that way not clogging sitye with solar chats/ideas.

    1. Musicians Union I think. I thought War Child, but Chateau Disaster it is. My CD of War Child is the first issued, thus not on it. I have some recordings of the Chateau Disaster sessions, not all because I don’t think it is there. Good for the e-mail, you are right we eat up a lot of space talking about the old money pit.
      Thanks Henry/Admin for forwarding the house pics.

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