Jew JCC Threat Maker Briefly Escapes from Custody in Jerusalem

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Michael Ron David Kadar, the dual American-Israeli Jew who was behind thousands of bomb threats against Jewish community Center in America and elsewhere 2017—all falsely blamed in “anti-Semites” by the ADL and other Jewish Supremacists—briefly escaped from custody today while appearing in a Jerusalem District Court.

Kadar, who is 18-year-old, managed to escape and ran away after leaving the courthouse and before his return to a detention center where he is being held. 

Israel Prisons Service guards managed to apprehend Kadar after he sprinted away.

Kadar was arrested last year after the US Federal Bureau for Investigation (FBI) sent agents to Israel to arrest the Jew after their technical experts tracked down the origin of the threats, which were used by Jewish Supremacists groups such as the ADL and the SPLC in America to whine endlessly about “white supremacists” and “rising anti-Semitism” supposedly brought about by the Trump election campaign.

His threats caused fighter jets to be scrambled, planes to dump fuel and make emergency landings, and schools to be evacuated. Some of the threats included claims that Jewish children being held hostage were going to be executed.

The FBI agents were sent in after the Israeli authorities refused to arrest Kadar, and it was only after a near diplomatic incident that he was arrested by Israeli police.  Kadar’s equipment included a large antenna poking out of his bedroom window in his parent’s house in Ashkelon, and much other sophisticated kit—which would have made it impossible for his parents not to have known what was going on.

Later searches of his computer also found over $250,000 worth of bitcoin stored in his bitcoin wallet—anonymous payments for the thousands of threats and bombing warning calls he had made to Jewish institutions, schools hospitals and even airlines in numerous countries.

Based on the fact that most of the crimes had been committed in the US, and that he was an American citizen, the FBI asked for Kadar to be extradited to America to stand trial. Kadar had been the subject of an indictment filed in federal court in Athens, Georgia, and charged in federal court in Orlando, Florida.

Israel turned down the request—as is usual for the Jewish state, which serves as an international haven for all manner of found-out Jewish crooks and criminals—and instead, promised to make him stand trial in Jerusalem.

Although the case is fairly cut-and-dried, Israeli authorities are deliberately dragging out the court case (it is now nearly a year since Kadar was arrested) in the hope that interest in the case will die down.

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4 thoughts on “Jew JCC Threat Maker Briefly Escapes from Custody in Jerusalem

  1. DEMAND that son of a bitch is tried in a backwoods Georgia common law Court, where people don’t read the Bible

  2. “His threats caused fighter jets to be scrambled, planes to dump fuel and make emergency landings, and schools to be evacuated.”


    He cost them too much mammon.

    Otherwise, he’d still be at it.

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