Jewish Hypocrisy – Flooding Europe with Immigrants

Published on May 31, 2016

Jews admit demography is everything. Changing the demography changes the geopolitics. Europe demography is important too and rapidly changing through mass immigration of non-European immigrants with cultures, religion and ideology that are not compatible with that of Europe.

3 thoughts on “Jewish Hypocrisy – Flooding Europe with Immigrants

  1. Well there you have it, right out of their own mouths.

    The Muslims are religious fanatics bent on destroying the white race, and we’ve heard the same thing out of the mouths of leaders of the Mexican invasion. We’ve had “racial tolerance” drummed into our heads for 30 years just to prepare us for this event, and the invading armies have obviously NOT been given the same lessons.
    I’m not advocating racism, I’m just pointing out how we’ve been set up to be victims of it.

    American whites and blacks really need to come together as AMERICANS, fighting to keep our country, and our Bill of Rights, because they’ll do everything they can to widen that division, too.

    1. And the arrogant Jewish supremacists seem to think they have a right to cause all of this strife, just as they’ve caused most of the strife throughout human history.

      I hope they get what they deserve.

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