My Fellow Prisoners,

Unprecedented times indeed.

I mentioned this on today’s Tactical Report, but have not idea if this is a legitimate article.

I have never heard of this site or author before, but I found it intriguing enough that I felt it warranted a closer look.

If you have the time, please read it over, listen to the last interview by this murdered journalist, and post your impressions in the comment section.

If you have heard of this journalist, author or website, please comment on that also if you believe these are legitimate, or is this another dis-info site.

Keep Well Everyone,… And for God’s sake,.. get ready to fight!

JD – US Marine Fighting Dis-Information.

American Holocaust Coming

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism on behalf of the endangered American people-

My heart was filled with sadness after listening to this shocking and disturbing video interview of courageous Jewish investigative journalist David Elias Goldberg of Brooklyn, NY. SADNESS, IN PART BECAUSE THIS MAN IS NOW DEAD. And many, like myself, believe he was murdered for knowing and telling the truth…

Goldberg’s investigative reporting made many enemies, due to the sensitive nature of the insider information he was revealing. He previously had a YOUTUBE channel, “FRIENDS OF DAVID GOLDBERG”.

David was a Jew who nevertheless felt it was important to investigate and expose the terrible NWO GLOBALIST AGENDA for America, and the partial role of Israel and the Zionist Jews involved.

And of course, as a Jew, David was certainly not “anti-Semitic,” but rather an honest journalist concerned about this disturbing NWO agenda for America that included plans for TERMINATION OF ALL AMERICANS WHO WOULD NOT COOPERATE UNDER MARTIAL LAW.

There is more than one group or players involved in the dark plans to take over America for the NWO AGENDA. I have spent many years investigating and exposing the non-Jewish elements and organizations who are working to bring America under the NWO.

But David, as a Jew and with much insider knowledge and revelations, exposes the NWO AGENDA and the role that ISRAEL and many Jewish Zionists play as well in this NWO PLAN.

Not all Jews, however, are for the NWO, and not all Jews are Zionists. STEREOTYPING of any people must be avoided, for it was stereotyping of the JEWS that finally led to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany.

Read the rest here:


  1. I heard of this guy about 1 1/2 months ago. He did a video about Adam fro KnowMoreKnows. Telling him he better shut his site down, NOW.
    Anyway, in the comments it appears many people knew this guy puts out satirical information. I don’t know that anyone really knows if this was the guys name or even his real voice or even if he really died. Below is the KnowMoreNews vid. that Goldberg is warning Adam to shut down. Here you can read the comment section to get a better idea about this guy. Even Adam said it was satire in one of the comments.

    1. Hi Katie,

      I meant to thank you also, like I had done with Jamal below. I appreciate you taking some time and sharing what you know, because when several people do that for something we’re not sure about, slowly but surely, a clear picture begins to show itself.

      Good job to you and everyone else that helps us because you know Henry’s Research Dep’t is limited to him,… and Laura,… and my Research Dep’t is limited to well,… just me!

      Thanks Again! – JD

  2. My initial response to it when I first heard it a couple months ago was a knee-jerk holy-crapola gotta download that one fast kinda response. Upon further considerations, I found like Katie, more questions of validity than confirmations of legitimacy. We shall see…

  3. The Jews who think there is a problem with Israel interfering with American National values and way of life, have a lot to worry about.

    ALL JEWS that believes in the word “GOY” or believes that the JEW is above all, is finished.

    The self proclaimed King of Israel has made many enemies..

  4. I heard about this guy on know more news as well, I heard the bit he did telling Adam greene to shut his site but that was sarcastic. I’ve only heard his voice and never seen him and never heard of him before. Whether hes a real person or a satirical character what it says is absolutely true. I tried looking him up but found nothing but articles debunking he was a real journalist or even existed. I think Henry makow even says he didnt exist. So I’m not sure.

    1. Hi Jamal,

      Ok,.. thanks for taking the time to dig into that a little and letting everyone know.

      At this point, I would say your non-answer is our answer.

      Journalists live by their reputation, and if they are doing original or deep investigative work, they usually want their names splattered all over the place to get the credit for their work,… so they can get paid!

      Not being able to find anything on a so called “deep investigative journalist” is pretty much the opposite of what they aspire to, so I would say at this point, this guy is a shame and probably and deep dis-info agent.

      Given his stick is about jews and zionism, but seems to have revealed nothing of real value, indicates he’s an Israeli Psy-ops Asset.

      Until we find out differently with some way of verifying it, this is the way it should be considered.

      Thanks again Jamal,…. carry on brother!

      JD – US Marine Exposing Fakes One At A Time If Need Be.

      1. Agreed JD. joos are not well-known for being benevolent and magnanimous towards ANYTHING that doesn’t benefit THEM. It’s always self serving. Otherwise “but is it good for the joos” wouldn’t exist as a colloquium for their bigoted cult.

  5. Make all joos good. I can think of only one way.

    Anyone embracing, advocating, supporting or encouraging their cult and still finds favor in identifying as a “joo” is beyond any kind of redemption as claiming to be jooish in itself is an affront to anyone but them. They are either ignorant of their supremacy doctrine or lying about it through their teeth, but either way they will support their tribe against US to the bitter end. Their cult demands it and it is the core of their ideology.

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