Jewish USSC Nominee Merrick Garland Headed The Oklahoma City False Flag Whitewash / Prosecutions

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Obama’s latest Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland got his big legal start prosecuting the Oklahoma City bombing case. Garland went to the scene personally, ‘investigated,’ and pushed for the death penalty for Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. After Garland helped cover up the OKC government terrorism operation, arch-criminal Bill Clinton rewarded him by appointing him to the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C.  

Wikipedia reports:

In 1993, Garland joined the new Clinton administration as deputy assistant attorney general in the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. The following year, then-Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick -a key mentor of Garland’s- asked Garland to be her principal deputy.In that role, Garland’s responsibilities included the supervision of the Oklahoma City bombing prosecutions, the UNABOM prosecution, and the Atlanta Olympics bombings investigations. The Oklahoma City bombing case was a key moment in Garland’s prosecutorial career. Garland insisted on being sent to Oklahoma City in the aftermath of the attack to examine the crime scene and oversee the investigation in preparation for the prosecution. Garland oversaw search warrants, interacted with law enforcement agencies, and met with surviving victims. He represented the government at the preliminary hearings of the two main defendants in the case, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. The New York Times reported that “Garland insisted on doing the investigation by the book, like obtaining subpoenas even when phone and truck rental companies volunteered to simply hand over evidence, to avoid any future trial problems. He also made sure there was a prosecutor responsible for keeping victims and relatives informed about the case as it developed.” Garland offered to lead the trial team, but could not because he was needed at the Justice Department headquarters. Garland instead helped pick the team and supervised it from Washington, where he was involved in major decisions, including the choice to seek the death penalty for McVeigh and Nichols. Garland won praise for his work on the case from the Republican governor of Oklahoma, Frank Keating.

Garland taught antitrust law at Harvard Law School in 1986, and has also published articles on antitrust law in both the Harvard Law Review and the Yale Law Journal.

From NPR:

A String Of Bombing Cases

Garland was soon put to the test. He supervised the investigations into the Unabomber and the Oklahoma City and Atlanta Olympics bombings, among others. In the Oklahoma City case, he not only headed the investigation, he put together the trial team that prosecuted Timothy McVeigh, winning praise from the state’s Republican Governor Frank Keating.

Gorelick says one of the Garland traits she treasured was his instinct to “question the received wisdom” and not to jump to conclusions. That paid off again and again, she says, when initial evidence seemed to point in one direction in major cases, only to evaporate on later inspection.

Clinton appointed Garland to the U.S. Court of Appeals in 1995. After a long Republican stall in the Senate that lasted 19 months, he was confirmed by a vote of 76-23.

LINK: Merrick Garland Has A Reputation Of Collegiality, Record Of Republican Support

NYT From April 27, 2010: (EXCERPT)

How Bombing Case Helped Shape Career of a Potential JusticeDays after a huge bomb killed 168 people in Oklahoma City in April 1995, Merrick B. Garland was on the ground even as bodies were still being recovered, examining the crime scene and preparing for an eventual prosecution.

Merrick B. Garland was the highest-ranking Justice Department official dispatched to Oklahoma City after the deadly bombing there in 1995.

…Judge Garland was then the highest-ranking Justice Department official dispatched to Oklahoma City in the aftermath of the bombing. He spent the ensuing weeks helping to start the case, and later supervised the prosecutors from department headquarters.

For Judge Garland, the Oklahoma City bombing was the centerpiece of a constellation of federal criminal cases in which he played a role before President Bill Clinton appointed him to the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in 1997. Those prosecutorial experiences helped shape his approach to the law.

…Friends and former colleagues say that the Oklahoma City case in particular had a lasting emotional impact on Mr. Garland. At the time, he was the second-ranking figure in the office of the deputy attorney general, Jamie S. Gorelick, a job with broad responsibilities over the entire department. But, Ms. Gorelick recalled, he insisted that she send him to Oklahoma City to help begin the investigation in person.

“He not only volunteered,” Ms. Gorelick recalled, “he basically said, ‘You need to let me go.’: Several prosecutors who worked on the case said Mr. Garland worked tirelessly to help run the investigation from a command center in a telephone company building blocks from the blast site; overseeing search warrants, interacting with other law enforcement agencies and meeting with surviving victims. He appeared in court for the preliminary hearings of the two main suspects, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.

Mr. Garland felt such a connection to the case that he later asked Ms. Gorelick to let him lead the trial team. But, she said, she rejected his request because he was needed at Justice Department headquarters. Instead, he helped pick the trial team and supervised it from afar. In that role, he was involved in major decisions including seeking the death penalty for Mr. McVeigh and Mr. Nichols.


Also see:

How Oklahoma City Bombing Propaganda Effects Real Americans Decades Later

“In court testimony during the hearing seeking the retraining order against Abdullah, a female Pomona police officer made a shocking reference to what represents the general public’s shocking lack of knowledge about the OKC bombings. In trying to justify her fear of Abdullah and his words, she brought up her beliefs about Timothy McVeigh, the OKC bombing and anti-government extremists. The officer referred to “my knowledge of incidents at Oklahoma City” and how “no one was able to do anything about it because of First Amendment rights.” [Note: See numerous links and evidence of government involvement in OKC below.]Towards the conclusion of the hearing, presiding Judge Steven D. Blades commented “Whether you or I agree” (that Muhammed was a threat,) “they (the women who testified) seem genuinely concerned.. I’m dealing with their reaction. I’m balancing everyone’s rights.”

Oklahoma City Bombing RARE footage

The Murder of Oklahoma City Police Department Sgt. Terrance Yeakey

The SPLC Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995

The FBI, the Torture and Murder of Kenneth Trentadue and Advanced Knowledge of the Oklahoma City Bombing
Paul Craig Roberts | May 27 2005

Jose Padilla’s Oklahoma City Connection

Tom McVey Bombed OKC 4 Years Prior To Tim McVeigh

Is Jose Padilla “John Doe Number 2” at the Oklahoma City Bombing? The Oklahoma City Bombing
There are many unanswered questions about the Oklahoma City Bombing, and many people are convinced that the official explanation omits many important facts.
Many important issues are handled very superficially by television news shows. If you’re looking for details on important stories, you’ll find that today’s TV news is “all sizzle and no steak.” That’s because it’s safer and easier and less expensive for TV news editors to tell you only the federal or state government’s side of each story. It would take a lot of effort and expense to put conflicting viewpoints on television. After all, a documentary is a lot of work. That’s especially true with a controversial topic like the Oklahoma City bombing. The official explanation of the Oklahoma City bombing, dispensed with no questions asked by the national news media, just doesn’t add up. And there are a number of sidebar issues in this story that are just a little too suspicious. For example, the remains of the half-destroyed Federal building were demolished just a few weeks after the explosion.* What was the rush? A crime scene of this importance is usually pored over for months after the incident. For example, people are still visiting the scene of the Kennedy assassination every day, studying all the distances and angles. Why was the Murrah Building leveled so quickly? This page gets a lot of hits. Apparently there are many people interested in this topic, for a variety of reasons. I suspect there are many people who distrust the national news media and the federal government as a result of the way this incident was reported.

Istook and the OKC Cover-up: Considerable independent evidence indicates that there was indeed official knowledge of specific prior warning before the Oklahoma City bombing. That evidence includes:

  • Many witnesses who saw bomb squad trucks and personnel around the Murrah Building before the blast.
  • The absence of ATF agents from their offices in the Murrah Building at the time of the blast.
  • ATF-FBI informant Carol Howe’s testimony that she gave specific warning.
  • Federal informant Cary Gagen’s testimony (supported by a corroborating witness) that he warned authorities on April 6th.
  • A U.S. Marshals’ memo of March 22, 1995 warning of expected bomb attacks on federal buildings.

Dr Bill Deagle MD

New Evidence Further Links FBI Provocateurs Roger Moore, Kevin McCarthy to OKC Bombing
Author: Patrick B. Briley 4.20.07

New OKC Revelations Spotlight FBI Involvement In Bombing
Nichols’ claim that McVeigh had government handlers supported by huge weight of known evidence
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones Prison Planet Thursday, February 22, 2007

Attorney: Sealed Documents Indicate OKC Inside Job FBI, defense team files identify government informants directing McVeigh
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones Prison Planet Friday, February 23, 2007

Establishment Media Blacklists Nichols’ OKC Revelations

Attorney: Ashcroft Gagged Nichols From Exposing McVeigh’s OKC Bombing Conspirators
Trentadue drops new bombshell on Alex Jones Show

Nichols Fingers FBI Agent Directing McVeigh in OKC Bombing By Name
Newspaper reported name of Potts before court sealed documents

The Timothy McVeigh Conspiracy
What you are about to read is an article based on accounts presented by various factions. Please be advised that there is no SOLID proof that what you read is true. This is merely meant to be an informative piece where you, the reader, are allowed to form your own opinions and conclusions. What the hell happened on 4-19-95?
Is anyone but me wondering why Timothy McVeigh is going to be executed on May 6 less than 6 years after being condemned? Has anyone else seen these nagging reports and articles about a so-called Mid-East connection? Do you wonder if your government has given you all the information? Do you remember Waco, and the way that, some 9 years after the event, the FBI “remembered” that it had, in fact, used incendiary devices at Waco?

Nichols: McVeigh Had High-Level FBI Help

Missing McVeigh Documents May Have Been Shredded

MORE McVeigh Files FOUND:FBI Orders Massive Search The ghost of Tim McVeigh

Growing Body Count Of OKC Bombing Witnesses Who Knew Too Much

Oklahoma Bombing What You Won’t Hear In The News!!

Was Timothy McVeigh Really Executed?

[The original 2009 article url is here, part of the Classics section.]

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  1. “Garland was soon put to the test. He supervised the investigations into the Unabomber and the Oklahoma City and Atlanta Olympics bombings, among others.”

    Absolutely! The test was how far he was willing to betray US and support the zionist agenda, promote gun control, protect the clinton crime syndicate and erode OUR unalienable rights even further.

    He passed their sniff test, but it all smells like a kosher rat to me.

    Thank you, Martin Hill.

  2. Should have known it would be a kike.
    Yeah I fkng said it…
    Fk you kikes.
    Why don’t they just nominate NetanYahoo.
    Guess they gotta get a replacement Ginsburg.
    I sure hope that btch would hurry up and die.

  3. The Jews are 2 percent of population yet they at present before this Jew make up 50 percent of the Court, if yo count the marrano Jew Sotomayor. If this fellow tribesman gets on it will be 5 for 9. Yet the founding population of United States of America were mostly Protestants, and today America is sill 50 percent Protestant. Yet no Protestants occupy this Court. Time to De-Jew the Court! Catholics have a disproportional representation also!

    1. “Time to De-Jew the Court!”

      That’s like setting off bug bombs in only one room in a motel.

      There’s always plenty of cockroaches in the rest of the rooms… and they’ll ALWAYS come back… eventually.

      Try the entire planet.

  4. There is an OVERWHELMING amount of evidence that the OKC bombing was an inside job perpetrated by the U.S. “government”. These scumfuqs blew up children for f’s sake. Unbelievable the sickness of these people to further their agenda. And it still going on in 2016. Merrick Garland is proof positive number one. It just keeps going on and on and…

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