Jews Are NOT Exactly Human…WHAT?!?!

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Yes, I’m telling you right now that the jew is NOT human in the sense that most “gentiles” like myself, or people with a soul and a conscience are, and they have ONCE AGAIN told you this plain as day repeatedly in their published works and oral histories. All one must do is scratch the surface or look closely at the things that have been presented to us in order to find the truths that I present here on this blog. 

The jew is hiding some MAJOR truths about the origin of mankind, and it is when these truths are fully revealed that we will INDEED see that the jew is NOT human like those of us called “gentiles”. There is just too much evidence pointing to this fact all across the globe. Some interesting and noteworthy ones are the disappearance of the skull of peking man or homo erectus, which was in transit to be kept at the American Museum of Natural History until after WWII. The only thing left of this ALL IMPORTANT piece of “evolutionary” history is a plaster cast or reconstructions, and guess what? It’s a sloped forehead, heavy brow ridge, and big fat jewish looking grin that looks like it should have a fat lower lip as is typical of many jews.

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