Jews Force 11,000 Pro-Israel Changes to US School Textbooks

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The Jewish lobby in America has forced through more than 11,000 changes to US school textbooks issued by National Geographic, Prentice Hall, Five Ponds Press, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and McGraw-Hill over the past several years, it has emerged. 

According to a press release issued by the Institute for Research Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep) and posted at the Israel Lobby Archive, the latest changes were revealed in a set of changes demanded by the Jews in textbooks and teaching guides used in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Requested changes include:

– Deletion of references to Israel “occupying” territories captured during the 1967 Six-Day War and substituting “controlled.” International conventions clearly outline the responsibility of occupying powers and the illegality of collective punishment and population transfers.

– Changes to maps to recognize Israel’s declared “annexation” of East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. The U.S. and most other countries do not officially recognize Israeli annexation of either territory.

– Substitution of references to “occupied territories” to “captured areas.”

–  Substitution of references to “Jewish settlers” and “settlements” with “building of homes and communities.”

– Deletion of a lesson reviewing a video documentary by Iranian-American religious studies scholar, author, producer and television host Reza Aslan.

– Deletion of an activity based on reading the biography and work of Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi.

– Substitution of an editorial cartoon titled “The Mideast Peace Game Rules” with a cartoon of an Arab suicide terrorist holding a  “Road Map to Peace” game hostage.

California-based Institute for Curriculum Services (ICS) proposed changes were submitted to the Virginia Department of Education on February 28 on behalf of the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington, the Jewish Community Relations Committee (JCRC) of Richmond, and the JCRC of Tidewater.

In a January webcast on YouTube, ICS chief Aliza Craimer Elias claimed that “working behind the scenes” through state advocacy organizations ICS had successfully made more than 11,000 changes to U.S. textbooks.

Publishers of the textbooks targeted for changes include National Geographic, Prentice Hall, Five Ponds Press, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and McGraw-Hill.

Common themes in ICS requests to make changes to Virginia textbooks.

  1. Qualify claims of Islam as “expressing Muslim religious belief” while referencing those of Judaism as “God’s covenant.”
  2. Replace Christian versions of key texts (such as the Ten Commandments) with Judaic versions.
  3. Emphasize the “Jewish ethnicity”“ of major American historical figures.
  4. Eliminate terms such as “settlers,” “occupation,” “land theft” and “wall” or replace with more neutral terms such as “disputed,” “captured areas,” “security fence” and “controlled.”
  5. Emphasize Arab culpability for crisis initiation (Israel’s 1948 War of Independence) leading to military action, but not Israeli culpability (e.g. surprise Israeli airstrikes on Egypt commencing the 1967 Six-Day War).
  6. Discourage students from conducting open internet research on current events lest they run into controversial content. Instead recommend approved websites such as the ADL and the
  7. Eliminate or replace historical artwork created for predominately Christian audiences.
  8. Add content that augments Israeli claims to occupied territory in the Middle East, such as changing maps of the Golan Heights as belonging to Israel rather than Syria.
  9. Reference Israeli claims such as “Israel annexed East Jerusalem” as settled fact, without referencing lack of official recognition by other nation states.
  10. Delete all references to “Palestinian Territories.”
  11. Where ICS has already successfully lobbied for changes in national editions of textbooks, it demands that these changes also be made to State of Virginia editions.

The New Observer

8 thoughts on “Jews Force 11,000 Pro-Israel Changes to US School Textbooks

  1. This SHOULD be enough fr us to put an end to the endless jewish lies being forced upon us, but probably it won’t . We will just continue to tolerate
    it , as usual.

  2. And there you have it America, your true owners and dictators. Coming out in your face and telling you what you will believe and submit yourself and your children to or else. I’m actually glad that this is happening. It’s not new, just ramped up. I’m glad because although many will fall for it and remain stupid to reality there are some that will find the truth and be so repulsed by the lies and crimes against them and seek to expose it even harder as we’ve been doing. I just wanna point out also because I’ve seen many videos and sites that speak of the new world order as a secret group of people who are satanic, or mystical…It’s all bullshit. The new world order is the jew world order and it’s they who will benefit from it. They alone. They control all the Masonic lodges and secret societies to divert from the truth and control the masses. The end result is the Talmudic jew world order that is the religion they want to dominate the world and the eradication of all others. If no one sees that it’s they alone who benefit from the chaos in the world your blind and too far gone to be saved in my opinion. Every war, every violation of your rights, every act of financial terrorism(IRS, federal reserve, income tax) all goes to them. Wake up people.

    1. ‘If no one sees that it’s they alone who benefit from the chaos in the world your blind and too far gone to be saved in my opinion’


  3. Jamal (above) is absolutely right, but what’s also noteworthy here is the subtlety of the brainwashing process. There mere changing of a few words here and there can completely distort the reader’s perception of reality, and by consequence, his political beliefs. This is why political correctness is so dangerous. The words you use have a direct effect on your behavior.

    The next generation of kids will equate Palestine with the “lost city of Atlantis”, and sadly, the average American parent doesn’t care or pay attention to what his kid is being taught in school. “Just get good grades” is the emphasis, and what they’re actually being taught is overlooked.

  4. This one boils my blood. They just ALWAYS come in and run roughshod over everything and everyone. It’s a level of evil arrogance that appears (only appears) unstoppable. But more and more are seeing through it and getting disgusted enough to help halt this century’s-long Control-Monster. This article ruined/slimed my morning. I’m sick of their slime, their selfish false supremacy. Be gone, DEMONS!!!



    1. On a positive note… If I look back 5 or 10 years I do see how far we’ve come. Used to be so few were speaking out about the Zio-Monster. Now everyday I come across several articles. That will certainly add up to more awareness which will add up to, and is adding up to, more resistance. Head-way is being made, even if not always evident.


  5. Please inculcate the politically correct terminology to properly understand the name sub-consciously. Try say it out-loud now… Is-a-hell (meaning Isahell -on earth). Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. Please try to use the proper name Isahell frequently to help others understand the number-one adversary to the human race, or humanity. Thank you, kindly.

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