Jews Open Nationwide Antisemitism™ Command Center To Monitor Jew Hate™ In America 24/7

Christians for Truth

The Secure Community Network — which coordinates security for Jewish institutions nationwide — has opened a command center in Chicago to monitor antisemitic threats:

The center’s main room is a monitoring room with a 16-foot video screen that shows a map and tally of incident reports and potential threats across the country. It is staffed by some 10 people on a daily basis, but can be operational 24 hours a day, as it was over the High Holidays this month.

The opening of the center comes as statistics from watchdog groups show a rise in antisemitic incidents in recent years.

Michael Masters, CEO of the Secure Community Network, said in a statement that the command center “allows us to have a central location for the community, security officials and our partners, to include law enforcement, to report, coordinate and protect the Jewish Community.”

And where do the Jews get the money to pay a staff of 10 people to run this domestic spying operation?

The U.S. taxpayers — through grants from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for “religious” institutions to protect themselves against “domestic terror” threats.

As Jewish power in America has risen exponentially — by their own admission — a natural backlash against that power and how they abuse it has occurred — and that backlash is popularly known as “antisemitism.”

Although since most Americans find the term “antisemitism” confusing — and even meaningless — Jews have begun using the more pithy term “Jew hate” more frequently.

And as the populace pushes back against Jewish hegemony worldwide, Jews claim they are being physically “threatened” — and demand physical protection 24/7 — paid for by those same Americans who are pushing back against them.

A nice racket if you can get it.

The greatest “threat” to Jews in America is the Jews themselves — as is the case everywhere, the more Jews “combat antisemitism,” the more “antisemtism” they create.

Ceasing and desisting from the behavior that is causing the pushback against them isn’t ever an option — so they resort to paranoid surveillance of the American public, and pressuring lawmakers to pass draconian laws to strip Americans of their constitutional rights of free speech to criticize them.

Officially, “antisemitism” is a “force of nature” — like hurricanes and droughts — that has nothing to do with Jewish behavior — and has everything to do with an ancient accusation of “deicide” — and other “canards.”

After all, it’s common knowledge among Jews that when they complain, they always get what they want — and they openly brag about this privilege among themselves.

Jews consider any kinds of criticism — regardless of its validity — a form of “violence” that should be punishable even by death if necessary.

The Founding Fathers of America understood the necessity of allowing citizens to voice their grievances — depriving people of that inalienable right necessarily will lead to violence.

We have those inalienable rights because the Founding Fathers weren’t Jews.

Jews believe in freedom of speech only until they are in power — at which point freedom of speech becomes “problematic” and “hate.”

Christians for Truth


16 thoughts on “Jews Open Nationwide Antisemitism™ Command Center To Monitor Jew Hate™ In America 24/7

  1. What’s next? Death penalty for antisemitic “hate speech” just like in bolshevik Russia?

    If only all non-jews understood the ingrained meaning of “preemptive action” bred into EVERY jew brain, there wouldn’t actually be any jews on this planet to be causing all of this suffering!

  2. Hey guys, I’m about to start a Nationwide Anti-American Command Center to monitor American hate in America 24/7.

    Anyone want to join me? lol

  3. I would imagine the trenches will have a special section in that Kike Center…!

    One should always ask why are you always not liked..!? Wherever you have gone and been and engaged in the public commons for some reason people just start to hate you for no other reason than supposedly your religion!!!?

    Now why would this be..!?

    Could it be because you are snakes and insidious grifters whom believe you are superior to all others (and act accordingly) l?

    The criminal always knows they are a criminal, they just count on being able to pull the wool over everyone and play exceptional victims…all 6 million of them…! Wait, how many are on the planet now?

    What a bunch of hokum…! So basically this is a SPLC Fusion Center, got it..!

    All Traitors to our BORs should leave this nation now while they still have a chance no matter what your race or religion and that goes for the Torries too..!

    We are BORs absolutist here…!

  4. International communist always employ policy that puts down dissent of their regime. It’s more obvious than ever who the enemy/oppressors are.

    1. I don’t know why. While I was finishing reading the rest of the comments so I could answer you, your comment disappeared. The only other comment I found from you in trash or spam basically says what this comment says.
      I researched your comment history, you got yourself put in pending when you changed your name. The website automatically puts anything new in pending. We will take you out of pending and see if your comments will come through.
      I wonder how many more people’s comments are not coming through.

  5. The Marxist ideology of Jews is NOT coming from the traditional conservative Orthodox Jew, it’s coming from the faction called “Reformative Jews”, also called “Progressive Jews”. They have groups all over the US and world and are heavily involved in Politics and Activism. They align themselves with the same Marxist Ideology and Cultural and Economic Positions that the Radical Left Democrat/ Socialist/Communists do, such as open immigration, liberal voting laws, transgender causes, “anti-racism” against all skin colors (except whites apparently), mandatory vaccines, late stage abortions, a lenient justice system, Draconian laws, reparations, free college, etc etc.
    They have these and many other “positions they support” documented on their website. They support anarchy and revolution to effect change to become the superior dominant force of a nation.
    Communism is offensive, repressive, tyrannical, and dangerous to all freedom loving people. Yet their Ideology supports it..

    Again, these are NOT Orthodox Jews who follow Torah, tradition, peace, and reason. They reject many of the things these “Progressive” Jews believe in. The faction of Jews that started this “Reformation Movement” did so over a hundred years ago and has become more powerful and radical over time.
    They hated the Nazism of Germany but favored Communism, which seems crazy considering both of these radical ideologies end up destroying the nation it’s forced on and killing hundreds of millions of their citizens….

    1. CCguestX, have you read The Torah? It is ridden with heinous crimes against humanity and comes with dictates for one race to have supremacy over all others. Also, aside from the Marxist side of Communism, have you looked into the names of those who own, run, and orchestrate the CORPORATE side of Communism? Jus’ sayin’, as an un-chosen, that is.


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