10 thoughts on “Jews simply do not belong on airplanes

    1. Note the rocking back and forth while wailing. According to Brother Nathanael, this rocking movement is simulated satanic copulation.

  1. We are surrounded by well concealed jews when flying commercially. The jewish ‘artifacts’ are too obvious.

  2. wow. as if there aren’t retarded, weird, scary, peculiar people of other religions. what are you all? a bunch of 12 year olds? this is a total turn-off to me. you might as well be bashing blacks or indians or buddhists or hindus or Christians. makes me sick.

    1. Sorry lady, but the blacks, indians, buddhists or Christians are NOT the ones behind the NWO. They’re NOT the ones with the intention of killing ALL non so-called ‘jews’ (youself included), so we have no problem bashing them – repeatedly.

      Seriously, if you’ve got a problem with that, then you’re definitely posting on the wrong site.

      1. Hey #1 “jenna ” forgot to throw in the dreaded”anti-semite” slur as well as forgetting to defend SODOMITES she is an obvious tribe member/sympathizer,who starts out “pretending to defend all buttttttttttttt you know all this as well as most on this TRUTH site where propaganda GOES TO DIE.

        1. Steve, she obviously mistook FTT for one of AJ’s ”jew’ loving sites, or the equivalent thereof.

          Hence the confusion.

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