3 thoughts on “Jews Stealing Medical Protective Gear From Hospitals

  1. wardo-rants,
    where can i find out more info on this video, bitchute would not let me register
    i googled and could not find anything and the females in video have such a heavy acent i could not understand 1/2 of what is said. my wife is nurses aid in south dakota hospital with 12 hour shifts! really would like to get this bastard under someones microscope to see if he committed a felony. tax evasion would be a felony if he claiming the items as a tax deduction for the business and not having proof that the items were returned. businesses are required to file every 4 months, and i counted 10 unopened cases that were thrown into his car. if there is no proof the items were being safeguarded and handed out every day or so, then he could face heavy fine or even jail time for tax fraud. and i would most likely be one to turn his ass in to the irs!!

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