7 thoughts on “Jews want to control the world?

  1. So now they’re comin’ right out and tellin’ us!! Oh what a relief. I no longer have to fret about one single thing, ’cause the rebbe is in charge, assuring my happiness and well-being, and also assuring my spiritual health.

    Oh how my world is glistening with surrender. I am carried away to that big Bar mitzvah in the sky. Mazel Tov!!!!



  2. Come “Noahide” me, rebbe… watch out for mountain lions, and, oh yeah, the so-called “Lion of Judah”…you know Who I mean….. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  3. Only evil entities seek to control and rule over others. This shill and his pie in the sky description of Zionism can stick his propaganda straight up his a$$!

  4. And I find it quite interesting that this was delivered just one day before the anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty: Vinegar in wound.


    1. Of course galen! ALL their public holidays for instance are celebrations of the slaughtering of their enemies. These are very, very sick parasites who genitally mutilated their own soon after birth so that along with constant talmud/torah & holocaust victim programming they can ensure the kind of psychological scarring/damage they desire to be a true jew carries on generation after generation.

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