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JFK Assassination Conspiracy Part 1: Jim Garrison’s Johnny Carson Interview 1968

Published on Nov 21, 2013 by Johnny Carson

JFK assassination conspiracy theorist and investigator, Jim Garrison, New Orleans District Attorney was interviewed by Johnny Carson regarding the November 22, 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Part 1 of 2 parts, Original airdate: January 31, 1968.

According to Wikipedia: “Garrison remains a controversial figure. Opinions differ as to whether he uncovered a conspiracy behind the John F. Kennedy assassination, but was blocked from successful prosecution by a federal government cover-up, whether he bungled his chance to uncover a conspiracy, or whether the entire case was an unproductive waste of resources.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Garr…

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11 Responses to JFK Assassination Conspiracy Part 1: Jim Garrison’s Johnny Carson Interview 1968

  1. ConfederateMan says:

    Are you ready? a jewess name bouvier, as in jackie, blew JFK’s head off. Seach “jackie killed JFK.” Watch the vid frame by frame. Then you will be astounded. It all adds up and you can see the angle is correct, the phony “retrieving the skullcap” story, his head being blown upward, her holding his head to position the shot from underneath, traitor clint hill climbing on the limo, the limo STOPPING for a few seconds under the railroad bridge as hill finished JFK off. It was jackie.

    • Wade says:

      you are correct confederateman, if you slow the Zapruder film down, you can see Jackie reach over govenor Connely and the passenger secret service and pull a 50 caliber rifle out of the glove box.

      • ConfederateMan says:

        Sorry wade, it was not the .50 cal you reference – more likely a 38 snubnose. I take it you have done no research into this. Keep believing the oswald fairy tale story! Do you believe all the “shooting” hoaxes or are you just a troll loose here?

        • Wade says:

          confederateman, i do not believe oswald shot anyone, however i do not believe the limo driver or jackie o shot kennedy. the zapruder film has been altered since jewpruder shot that stock of film. one of the most telling pieces of editing is when the motorcycle cops make that left from Houston on to Elm street and the limosine just magically apears on Elm. we will probably never know who the real shooters were, but we all can agree it was not oswald. a snub nose 38? I do not see it.The jews in israel and America had more to gain from
          Kennedy’s assination than the Catholic church. confederateman, i like a good conspiracy, i just do not see it with Jackie O.As far as the 50 cal goes, that was a joke! and no i am not a troll, i do not live under a bridge, i live in my parents basement eating GMO’S and collecting social security checks< yes that too was a joke:)

          • ConfederateMan says:

            If you were joking – I withdraw my troll comment. I fight trolls all week on the web and stand up for the truth about the ziojews. There are lots of trolls loose.


            This is one source of the jackie claim:


            I agree with all your comments r.e. the jews killed JFK. The intel I reviewed from the jewpruder film showed jackie acting very suspiciously, and stabilizing his head for the head shot. Then a puff of white smoke and his head is blown upwards. [yeah the vid was doctored]. Glad we agree that it was israHELL who did the JFK coup d’etat. 🙂

        • Henry Shivley says:

          Wade is not a troll and he has a lot of friends here. He also represented The Trenches at Bunkerville. He is in fact my friend and just a little bit of respect is in order here.

    • Wade says:

      Mr Confederateman, no hard feelings here, by the way i like your screen name. fly that flag high! we are all in this together.

  2. Jeno says:

    Once you get past the society for ethical bullsht.. the speaker is well informed.. a good listen…

  3. Wade says:

    great post Misty, i have heard the audio but have never seen the video. Johnny Carson was a gate keeper:(

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