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Jill’s Assault Rolling Pin

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14 Responses to Jill’s Assault Rolling Pin

  1. Katie says:

    Yeah, that would hurt!

  2. W_IL..E, KOYOTE (super genius) says:


  3. JoeSTP says:

    Thats banned, check bill FED BS #887647798098.

  4. Jim says:

    Is that thing licensed & registered citizen –

  5. Enemy of the State says:

    That’ll leave a mark.. or maybe more like , that’ll leave a lasting impression

  6. DL. says:

    If I had a “selfie-taking” smart phone (we have no cell service out here, so I have no use for any kind of cell phone), I’d take a pix of me holding my ultimate attack weapon in case of intruders trying to rape me and a gun isn’t readily available–a seam ripper. Right in the eye or the pecker if you know what I mean…

  7. Katie says:

    Dude, that’s gnarly!

    Does it clip cuticles as well?

  8. mary in ND says:

    my mama’s 3 day old homemade bread was a weapon!

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