16 thoughts on “Jim Carrey – I Needed Color – Behind Closed Doors He’s An Amazing Artist

    1. I know, Mary. I was blown away. Didn’t know he had that in him. The Guardian (UK’s mainstream newspaper) slammed him as an actor who thinks he can paint. The commenters passionately disagreed. It felt to me like a VanGogh moment, where the world turned against him and the gift was left unrecognized for many years. And Jim is non-Jew, so quite likely he must be diminished considering who owns the art world and the newspapers. To boot, he’s, as I’m sure many here know, a fervent anti-vaccine voice. I feel like I’m rediscovering him (currently half-way through The Truman Show). I can’t prove or disprove anything he’s accused of in his personal life so just have to take him on the artistic level. There he shines as outrageously gifted.


  1. I wonder how that lawsuit with Carrey is going with his x girlfriend that committed suicide.

    I guess her mom is sueing him for giving her gonorrhea. ..or syphilis.

    Man…ya get a little money.

    And the leeches and parasites just materialise out of nowhere.

    Its a miracle.

          1. Would be hysterical if it wasn’t sneakily trying to steal my right to self-protect. Man, was I dumb. At one point I was so afraid of guns I couldn’t even be in the same room as one. How I got free of that is a mystery. Musta been an overdose of common sense.



  2. Jim Carrey,

    Great actor, retarded in every other aspect of life.

    The guy stars in movies with guns, cashes the paycheck , then he talks his shit about how he hates guns.

    Another Hollywood freak.

      1. I love these people who splash oil on canvas, move it around a little, now they are a master at painting.

        I know an elephant who oil paints also, unbelievable dexterity with her trunk.

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