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Hi Everyone,

JD here, really enjoyed todays show and getting back in the saddle. Brain still making some squeaking noises hence the “Markle” mistake yesterday, but I can feel the WD40 starting to work and my thinking processes starting to kick-in again. (Today is Wednesday?… right?….)

Here is an excellent 3 part video series by William Mount (not my favorite), with Jim Willie, whom I always find insightful and entertaining.

Jim Willie has a very unique background and connections, and always discusses the kind of information I do NOT hear anywhere else, by anyone else,.. EVER! (Not even on our show!) However, much of what he discloses does seem to explain what we are observing, which may be considered an indicator that he must know what he is talking about, or he is just one of the best bull-shit-artists ever. I personally think he has some real insight.

Jim Willie talks about a range of subject matters related to what is occurring now, and the interview was broken up into 3 – 20 minutes videos because jew-tube does not allow for blog segments longer than 20 mins.

Anyway,.. definitely worth the listen, as like the Peter Schiff video I posted the other day, DON’T try and watch them all at once, but take them in small bites (10 min bites?) to get thru it so you have a little time to consider his explanations.

Thanks to everyone again for the warn welcome back! – JD

11 thoughts on “Jim Willie – Hot Off The Press

    1. Hi Norm,

      Thank you brother!

      We have to get a handle on what their doing right now, and see if we can predict their timeline of actions as it seems the communists are going “all-in” and not just for some kind of “Financial Reset”, but a global “Freedoms Reset” as well! (As in, institute Total Global Tyranny!)

      Do your best to get ready, I do think time may actually be short this time around! – JD

    1. Hi Jack,

      When you say “Q”, I assume you mean that troll called QANON.

      I don’t listen to anything that CIA Troll states, and frankly it amazes me that people who consider themselves intelligent pay any attention to that fraud.

      I had looked into QANON when he/she/them hit the alt. news media, and it really doesn’t take long to figure out your dealing with a psy-op operator, all indications being a CIA backed project, however I have nothing concrete enough that I could prove that, just the years of experience of dealing with this kind of dis-information troll and my own intuition.

      As far the 5G connection, don’t know if there is any, however in the interview above, both Willie and Mount mention the 5G Maps and Corona Virus maps over laying each other almost exactly. I wished they would have posted or at least shown them, but if that is true, that would surely be no coincidence.

      The toughest part of this job is ALWAYS,… trying to tease the fact from the fiction, not only for the show, but for our own personal understanding so we can get a handle on what they are really trying to achieve against us.

      If you have any insight, please, share it with us, and we will all do our best to tease thru it.

      Thanks – JD

      1. Hi JD, I did not watch all three vids in their entirety, but just skimmed about here and there as the financial aspect is way beyond me. I am one who is out of the loop on “investment strategies” and how “the market” moves up and down, as I fall into the camp of month-to-month getting by. That world always seemed so predatory to me and so involved with the golden calf. I guess I am old-fashioned but something has always told me to steer clear of it. I did find other highways that led me to abundance, of sorts, but they usually sprung from alternative routes, like buying and restoring old houses, fixer-uppers. I have to believe there is a way to personal prosperity beyond any external string-pulling. Maybe I am naive, but the investment world always seemed toxic and not trustworthy.

        As for Q… All I ever needed to know was that he (or whatever Q is) was a full-on Trump-head, promoting Trump as Savior. Powerful indicator.



  1. JD: I need to let you know, the joy I received, when hearing you on the show 2 days ago. And even further joy, upon learning you are indeed back. Who says, “One can never go home again”? Yourself and Henry were/are second to no one as a talk show pair. And you are loved. Thank you for being a leader, at this difficult time

    1. Hi Vince,

      Thanks for the warm sentiments brother.

      I have scoured the internet and there is no site or radio show like this one. Henry & I are definitely birds of a patriotic feather, but our mix of completely different backgrounds and styles do indeed seem to compliment each other in the best possible way!

      As for the timing, it is the result of several factors which go beyond me discussing in a short reply like this, but fortunately, I just happen to have the latitude at this time to be able to engage this kind of activity (that was not true for the last 2 years!)

      Right now, this country is in far greater danger than most realize, there is the very real possibility of wide scale depression coming the likes of which will make the “Great-Depression” pale in comparison.

      Thanks again Vince – JD


    Of all the the things he touched on, the one thing in particular that caught my ear was when he stated “tried to kill JFK Jr.”

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it, Although I am not always sure about some to the subject matter he discloses, it does always seem to make sense in filling the “information void”, especially when no else seems to present any form of plausible explanation for the events he touches on.

      This is not one of Jim Willie better interviews, but it is the most current one and specifically is addressing the corona and it’s periphery issues like its being used to hide, and blame the coming financial collapse on, which in reality was going to happen no matter what. The entire global financial system is one gigantic fraud, and all indications are, it has reached the end of it’s service life, so in their minds, it’s a good time for them use this fact to further their global communism goals.

      In all honesty, I do think this time around, we’re going to see a massive financial and economic crash across the planet, and the ensuing misery will be just what these psychopaths intend to take advantage of.

      Be Ready To Lock & Load – JD

  3. You won’t catch me dead buying gold, they will and have manipulated it, big time. IN MY OPINION.
    Just isn’t worth the gamble.. Rather be rich in health and homestead, food and friends..

    Rather be rich in ammo and firearms.

    These POS are talking trillions now, billions have gone by the wayside.

    Speculation in markets is suicide.

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