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Jim Willie Issues ALERT: We’re AT THE DOOR of the Global Currency Reset

Silver Doctors

Something big is afoot in the Shanghai Gold market. It seems that we are at the door of the RESET finally, with China being betrayed by the USGovt and USFed in concerted collusion. The attempt to reduce the USDollar while maintaining ultra-low bond yields seems the final straw. The inference is made that the jig is up finally, and a significant turning point is upon us.  

A contact at Evolution Consulting has reported that his best contact notified him that VIPs are being invited to take tours of the Shanghai Gold Exchange operation. This man was among one of the guests. These tours are not being arranged in some congenial welcoming event, not at all. Rather they are informational and official in granted preview. They are almost surely being staged to inform the opposition that it is all over for them now. With a cherry on top, the VIP guests were required to pay for the tour. The above juicy tidbit was provided by a client, passing the word along. Something big is afoot.


China seems to have changed its position toward aggressive in the gold market introduction with gusto and emphasis. Conclude easily that where there is smoke, there is fire, and the heat will be on physical gold metal demand in Asia. In turn the pressure will be put on the USDollar, whose custodians are not honorable and for perhaps the last time, have betrayed the Chinese. Lower USDollar valuation combined with already chronic low bond yield could have turned the Chinese hostile in the wake of the USFed rate hike. The Jackass raises the conjecture (stronger and more classy than guess) that the USGovt and its bankster masters lied to China about a rate hike, and the Chinese are very angry. The sleazy central banker crew defaulted on the gold lease from 1999, evident in 2014. The same sleazy vile crew have used tricks like bank derivatives to create phony bond demand, tricks like Reverse REPO to undo the last rate hike by ramping up to dangerous levels the bond leverage, alongside massive bond default on legacy bonds from nearly a century ago. The fact that a bond is old does not invalidate the bond’s integrity and requirement for honoring it. The criminal central banker crew in all likelihood stole at least $3 trillion in Saudi USTBonds as well, which serve as ESFund core. China has probably seen enough, and will proceed with the Global Currency RESET. Their nation is under stress, and the imposition of the Gold Standard should right their course well enough, even if it derails the United States to the point of entry into the Third World.

London Paul believes something significant is on the verge of breaking the paper gold market.
The clues have come on the behavior of the gold market since the Yellen Fed announced its small rate hike. It was small but significant, and probably involved a lie to the Chinese Govt finance ministers. Such coincidences do happen, but odds are against a coincidence in this case, since so critically important. Time will bear out the conclusion. The Western bankers have a long history of lies, deceit, betrayal, subterfuge, sabotage, and pilferage. They might have sacked their economies on the road to the Global Fascist State, but China has not signed up for the destructive evil development and pathway.


EuroRaj confirmed London Paul’s suspicion and tentative conclusion. He mentioned that such view is absolutely right, given the market reaction. Someone at the Shanghai Gold Exchange spiked the price higher the moment the Fed raised rates, which required the paper market to follow higher. He stated unequivocally that the Chinese do not consider the USFed, the banker cabal, and the US Elite as honest business partners any longer. He expects their harsh clear revenge to follow, with the launch of the long awaited Global Currency RESET to come next. US President Trump visiting the Andrew Jackson grave site was another sign, as Jackson was an arch-enemy of the banker cabal. He survived an assassination attempt. Neither Trump nor China wanted the rate hike. Trump does not want higher USGovt borrowing costs or the added economic headwind. China does not want lower bond principal value and lower USDollar value. Hence the East appears to have burned the Western banker cabal with a paper fire that could turn into a bonfire in gold metal demand. China likely perceived a maneuver to sabotage Trump by the banker cabal, and the Beijing leaders yelled PUNT, game over, no more cooperation.

It will soon become every nation for itself in a global free for all battle. It is hard to imagine the USDollar enduring what comes in an unscathed manner. The global USTBond dumping will continue until it forces the US derivative chicanery into the open with cracks wide enough to drive an armored truck through. Either the US debt market will falter or else the global trade will result in USTBill rejection in payment. At least in the Eastern hemisphere, the USDollar is about to be kicked to the curb, shunned in trade payment usage. The non-USD platforms will be given much greater emphasis. The game is about to change, to enter the extreme danger zone.

Make clear the sequence. Very likely after the Gold price went up in USD terms, the Boyz were forced to weaken the USD by strengthening the Euro and British Pound currencies. It was urgent to keep the Gold price under control in EUR and GBP terms. They gave high priority to keep the price low in order to prevent the public (sheeple) from making a bullion run on the back of political risk. EuroRaj’s personal read is that the London Bullion Market Assn (LBMA) is bust or close to bust. As footnote, he added that the Sprott PHYS gold fund has closed at a positive premium for last two days.


In time, expect an eventual refusal by Eastern producing nations to accept USTreasury Bills in payment for trade. The United States Govt cannot continue on numerous glaring fronts of gross negligence and major violations. These violations have prompted the BRICS & Alliance nations to hasten their development of diverse non-USD platforms toward the goal of displacing the USDollar while at the same time to take steps toward the return of the Gold Standard.

The New Scheiss Dollar will arrive in order to assure continued import supply to the USEconomy. It will be given a 30% devaluation out of the gate, then many more devaluations of similar variety. The New Dollar will fail all foreign and Eastern scrutiny. The USGovt will be forced to react to USTBill rejection at the ports. The US must accommodate with the New Scheiss Dollar in order to assure import supply, and to alleviate the many stalemates to come. The United States finds itself on the slippery slope that leads to the Third World, a Jackass forecast that has been presented since Lehman fell (better described as killed by JPM and GSax). The only apparent alternative is for the United States Govt to lease a large amount of gold bullion (like 10,000 tons) from China in order to properly launch a gold-backed currency. The annual trade deficit would immediately render the entire batch of gold at risk of forfeit. Any such lease would open the gates for a generation of commercial colonization, but actual progress in returning capitalism to the United States. The cost would be supply shortages to the USEconomy, a result of enormous export increases to China. Even if the USGovt can secure such a large hoard of gold, like from Bush Family and Rubin Clan seizures of stolen Fort Knox gold reserves, the United States will be vulnerable from a $550 billion annual trade deficit. Its settlement after one year would exhaust all 10,000 tons, since at $1300/oz, such gold tonnage would be worth $420 billion. The United States is truly trapped in an economic insolvency situation, with inadequate industry and a huge unresolved trade deficit.

Failure to produce a legitimate bonafide gold-backed currency, together with an adequate industrial base, would mean the United States will be confronted with a real big nasty currency crisis. Any new currency, even with gold backing, would be subjected to a series of devaluations due to the enormous trade deficit. The result would be heavy powerful painful price inflation from the import front. The effect would be to reverse a generation of exported inflation by the United States. The entire USEconomy would go into a downward spiral with higher prices, supply shortages, and social disorder. However, the rising prices would come from the currency crisis, and not so much from the hyper monetary inflation. That flood of $trillions has been effectively firewalled off. During the crisis that comes, the gold price will find its true proper value between $5000 and $10,000 per ounce. Then later, it goes higher, as it seeks equilibrium in a new world where gold serves as the global arbiter in trade and banking and currencies.


“As a Golden Jackass subscriber, I greatly enjoy listening to your interviews because it really lends a sense of passion that lies behind the tremendous body of information and formulation that goes into your monthly research. Though I must admit, it scares the hell out of me most of the time. Still, I will not miss it for the world. I feel that having a truly objective insight from your research, in depth analysis, and accurate forecasts gives me and my family an important life saving advantage. And I mean that sincerely.”

(MichaelS in Ontario)

“I have continued my loyal patronage of your excellent commentaries not so much because of my total agreement with your viewpoints, but because you have proven yourself to be correct so often over the years. When you are wrong, you have publicly admitted it. You are, I suppose by nature, an outspoken and irreverent spokesman for TRUTH against power, which differentiates you from almost all other pundits on world affairs.”

(PaulR in Hawaii)

“For over five years I have been eagerly assimilating any and all free information (articles, interviews, etc) that Jim Willie puts out there. Just recently I finally took the plunge and became a paid subscriber. I regret not doing this much sooner, as my expectations were blown away with the vast amount of sourced information, analysis tied together, and logical forecasts contained in each report.”

(JosephM in South Carolina)

“Jim Willie is a gift to our age who is the only clear voice sounding the alarm of the extreme financial crisis facing the Western nations. He has unique skills of unbiased analysis with synthesis of information from his valuable sources. Since 2007, he has made over 17 correct forecast calls, each at least a year ahead of time. If you read his work or listen to his interviews, you will see what has been happening, know what to expect, and know what to do.”

(Charles in New Mexico)

“A Paradigm change is occurring for sure. Your reports and analysis are historic documents, allowing future generations to have an accurate account of what and why things went wrong so badly. There is no other written account that strings things along on the timeline, as your writings do. I share them with a handful of incredibly influential people whose decisions are greatly impacted by having the information in the Jackass format. The system is coming apart on such a mega scale that it is difficult to wrap one’s head around where all this will end. But then, the universe strives for equilibrium and all will eventually balance out.”

(The Voice, a European gold trader source)

Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 25 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free website to find articles from topflight authors at  www.GoldenJackass.com. For personal questions about subscriptions, contact him at  JimWillieCB@aol.com

Silver Doctors

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19 Responses to Jim Willie Issues ALERT: We’re AT THE DOOR of the Global Currency Reset

  1. Cynicles says:

    Jim Willie, such a goon. The comments were always the best part of the doom and gloom articles on SD. Not sure, follow the link on this article and give the comments a view…

    Willie has been tooting this same horn for nearly a decade now, that I have seen.

    People keep buying what he is pushing, so he rolls with it.
    Eventually the Dollar (and all the trimmings) will tank, but then, no one will care who or what was said previously.

    • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

      Hi Cynicles,


      I have listened to Jim Willie many times, and found he typically has little understanding of what he is talking about, draws erroneous conclusions, and berates any one who dares to disagree with him.

      I have written Willie on a few occasions, and found him to be obnoxious, and not very smart, although he is ALWAYS the first to talk about how smart he is.

      Hell,.. one time I took the effort to explain to him how he had been constantly wrong about a Tomahawk Cruise Missile striking the Pentagon, explained my military background, and all indications are that it was an ALCM-AGM 86C (or a similar variant), which is air-dropped (thus no launch plume), and explained why they would NEVER use a Tomahawk due to the simple fact that the Launch Plume would generate a “Launch-Detect” by EVERY single country in the world that had a Mil-Sat in orbit for such a detection, which would be a dozen or two at the least (… how would the Pentagon explain a “Launch-Detect” from a US Ship, and the strike on the Pentagon only minutes later as,… Terrorists??!!

      Didn’t even bother to say thanks….

      JD – For someone that is as BRILLANT as Jim Willie claims he is,… funny how he NEVER mentions that the ENTIRE global financial system,.. especially “The Fed”,… is pure, unmitigated 99.9999% fraud of the highest caliber, or that there is NO SUCH THING as a US Dollar, but that it is simply a Zionis-jew Certificate Of Enslavement.



      • CaptainObvious says:

        I’ve not heard your details about the Tomahawk vs. ALCM-AGM analysis.
        It sounds like an valid viewpoint.
        I send this as a side note.
        My father, who passed away recently, worked at SAC HQ in Omaha until 1972. He was in Stategic Nuclear Planning for the bomber part of the “triad”. He retired in 1973 (44 years ago) so it’s not like he has/had the latest satellite tech updates since then.
        My parents owned a cabin on the Rogue River up until a few years ago.
        About ~10 years ago we were building a fire in the outdoor fire pit virtually surrounded by 150+ tall trees.
        A beautiful place but very little open sky overhead.
        I casually mentioned to him about how I had learned about infrared satellites that look for rocket launches.
        I knew they had been around for some time but didnt have any idea of their capabilities.
        I said I wonder if they can see the heat from this fire.
        He unhesitatingly answered that yes the satellites would detect it but it would automatically categorize it as a wood fire from a known position for a fire/thermal signal. And that there would be no rocket plume so that it automatically would be determined as a non-threat.
        Even though I knew these satellites had existed for quite awhile, I had no idea of their sophistication ~34 years earlier…1973.
        It kind of stunned me at the time because Dad was not a big talker at all.
        Even today it kind of creeps me out when I’m outside.
        With today’s technology (millimeter wave, extremely HF radar, doppler, etc.) it probably doesn’t matter whether you’re inside or out.
        I just thought you might find this anecdotal story interesting and enlightening.

        • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

          Hi CaptainObvious,

          I will explain a little about why the missile that struck the Pentagon, launched from a USAF plane, was an ALCM (Air-Launched-Cruise-Missile), as opposed to the problems had they used a Tomahawk Cruise Missile (Launch Detection just being one of the problems).

          As for satellite sensitivity,… they could detect you lighting a cigarette.

          JD – US Marines – The technology this EFIO has is scary,… what they intend to do with it against us Americans,.. is beyond horrific.


          • CaptainObvious says:

            Yeah, I know their technology is scary.
            But, as smart as I’d like to think I am, I suffer from the same “wishful thinking” and/or “cognitive dissonance” as many others.
            Cognitive dissonance is a bitch.
            A real bitch.
            (You might check out Scott Adams blog. He the cartoonist behind Dilbert but has some incredible analyses even if you disagree with some of his opinions. It’s fairly apolitical even when he talks about politics. He says he worked as a corporate “economist” in the past and it’s a bullshit science. So I like him purely for that.

            Watch Bill Lie…I mean Nye…the Science Guy have a brain glitch in this video. It’s hilarious and sad at the same time. Talk about going off the rails right towards the end. WTF?

            Cognitive Dissonance is a bitch!
            Especially when everyone around me has 0% comprehension of anything I say or try to bring up, even casually.
            C’est La Vie.

            Email me with details of your ALCM analysis if you can.
            Henry’s got my email.

            BTW, your info/series on Major Jordan was most informative. In other words, along with Norman Dodd, Yuri Besmenyev(sp?) and Anthony Sutton, my world view has changed forever. My eyes are opened further. As painful as that may be.
            We all need to face up to it.
            I fully ready to do my part against the (((enemy))) from within. Otherwise known as traitors.

            Sincerely, MSM

  2. TxRdKill says:

    To be fair Bill isn’t lying, he is however being a misdirection agent. He knows as everyone else does that there is weather control yet he never mentions that it is the human activity which is causing climate change…

    • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:


      YOU: “…human activity which is causing climate change..”

      FACT: You are an idiot, a schill, or a troll,… take your pick.

      FACT: Earth’s climate is moderated by four primary factors:

      1 – Output of the sun’s energy – Clearly well beyond “human activity”.

      2 – Earth’s Orbital Eccentricity – also, clearly well beyond “human activity”.

      3 – Electro-Hydromagneto-Convection* Of Earth’s Liquid Iron Core – and also,… clearly well beyond “human activity”.

      *Note: this is a nice fancy word for the fact that earth’s magnetic field is the primary protector of earth’s surface from the solar radiation blast that would strip away most of our surface water in just a few million years or less, leaving earth a waterless, hence lifeless body ions ago among the other damage the increased radiation would do. The earth’s molten iron core is an electro-magneto dynamo that produces the earth’s protective magnetic field, but it to changes output over time, even causing the earth’s magnetic field to “flip” every 100, or 200,000 thousand years.

      4 – Ocean Currents – Ocean currents help distribute heat more evenly around the globe, and act as thermal-buffer to reduce any immediate effects of extreme cold or heat due to the combined effects of any of the other factors mentioned above. – This too, clearly well beyond “human activity”.

      A fractional increase of a minute amount of a trace gas (far less than even 1% of atmospheric air composition, has ZERO effect on overall climate. Only the 4 mention moderators of climate mentioned above have any discernible effect.

      Anyone who states that “human activity” is causing the climate to “change”,… is an idiot, a schill, a troll, or someone who has a vested interested in the NWO agenda that seeks to profit from it.

      JD – US Marines: Yes my fellow trenchers,.. the trolls, like commies,.. NEVER stop with their lies, efforts or psychotic aberrations.


      • mary in ND says:

        JD, I think what TX is saying is there are men that are controlling the weather and in that sense the climate change is a product of man ….make sense?

        • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

          Hi Mary in ND,

          It is tempting to think that the efforts of the PIC’s (Pyschos-In-Charge) with their minuscule efforts to alter global weather patterns has any measure of planet wide, and long lasting effects.

          Neither is true.

          The fact is, their atmospheric seeding and chem-trailing programs have little more than localized, and very short term effects. In fact, if we the American people finally arrested these SOB’s, and made them stop,… most of the effects of their weather modification efforts would disappear within 72 – 96 hours, with only a trace amount of the lighter particles taking a protracted amount of time to come down from the upper atmosphere, but having no discernible effects while in that process of “falling” to the ground.

          The real long term effects of Weather-Mod & Chem-Trails is here on the ground, in our water, food and soil from the nature of the chemicals themselves, not because they were in the atmosphere 24, 48 hours ago.

          The ONLY effect that is attained from Weather-Mod & Chem-Trailing on Atmospheric Dynamics, is both restrained to the localization of the disbursement, and the time a majority of the particles linger in the upper atmosphere, which in most cases will only be a few, to several days,.. then,.. the show is over unless the whole process is repeated,…. that is why you see them doing it almost every single day.

          JD – US Marines: Localized, short term effects?,.. yes,…. Wide spread, long term hemispheric changes,…. not a chance.


      • Wick says:

        It is human activity, not to be blamed by us though. The ongoing Geoengineering attempts to cool down the planet, is rapidly heating the Arctic. This is releasing massive amounts of methane into the atmosphere, and in turn, is depleting the atmosphere.
        I think you came off a little strong on TxRd.

        • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

          Hi Wick,

          Congratulations,…. You bought the con.

          If you need to see how it is impossible for us (humans) to truly alter atmospheric dynamics (global weather patterns), all you need to do, is an Energy-Balance Equation.

          Although most people do not realize it (or do not want to admit it..), our “Climate System” is really little more than a heat pump,… energy in, energy out (… heat in,… heat out),.. all other aspects or considerations are secondary.

          What you will find, is that the amount of energy that has to be put into a hemispherical, or even regional weather system to cause even a trace of the changes your hung up on, requires more energy than all the atomic bombs exploded in human history, multiplied by 5,000, and even that will only alter regional and hemispherical weather patterns for a few years or so, maybe four or five years because of the “Shading” caused by the enormous amount of dust kicked into the upper atmosphere, as was experienced by the Krakatoa Volcanic Eruption of 1883.

          Think of the Global Climate System in these terms, as this is largely how it would get modeled properly,…

          a) Sun – Energy source
          b) Magnetic Field Of Earth: Filter (selectively allows, or attenuates different bands of energy through)
          c) Earth – Dynamic reference system
          d) Oceans – Buffers, aids in the distribution of energy, but does not provide any energy of measure to the system itself


          – Composition of atmosphere (small changes in its chemical make-up has no discernible effect),
          – Earth’s internal energy – earth’s internal energy has little discernible effect on it’s surface compared to the energy imported to the surface from the sun.

          To hard on someone that parrots NWO Propaganda????

          Not a chance,.. sometimes you just can NOT be accommodating to brainwashed drivel, and have to slap the stupid out of people for their own good.

          JD – US Marines: I don’t mind when someone misunderstands, but offering up, defending, and believing in communist NWO Climate Change nonsense,… is a non-starter here.


    • CaptainObvious says:

      Who is Bill?

  3. CaptainObvious says:

    Why no mention of the “Scheiss Dollar”?
    Literally Shit Dollar.
    I didn’t mention it before because I thought it was a joke.
    Did anyone else here catch that?

  4. CapainObvious says:

    Thank you so much for responding.
    All I could picture in my mind was this “Scheiss Dollar” (instead of “Federal Reserve Note”…that is REALLY scheiss) that everybody thought was the greatest new thing and had no idea what it really meant.
    I guess seeing the humor in this economic and financial “Titanic” train wreck is all we can do to stay sane?
    C’est la Vie.
    Scheiss Dollar.
    I still can’t stop my internal laughing at the hubris of that name.
    Thanks for responding.

  5. CapainObvious says:

    Why the moderation?
    Just curious.
    Other than scheiss I don’t believe there was anything offensive in my post?

  6. CapainObvious says:

    Please don’t FAIL me, here at FTTWR!

    • CapainObvious says:

      Please explain the moderation reason.
      Thank You.

      • Henry Shivley says:

        Why the moderation? That’s an easy question to answer. As we have said many times sometimes comments just go to moderation without rhyme or reason. Maybe it is because of the parallel access to our site through Tel Aviv. Maybe it triggered one of the filters that have been placed on our site. I think the real question is why would people who know better jump to the wrong conclusion at every opportunity. Are you looking for this site to be censored in spite of the fact that we live like f#@king paupers because we refuse to do so? Sometimes I think we should have sold out as too many want to think the worst of us at every instant.

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