14 thoughts on “Jimi Hendrix – Solo Little Wing

  1. Well, in a couple of hours, I’m gonna fix myself a cocktail and I’m gonna listen to both versions, Jimi and Stevie, and I’m gonna see what I hear, and I might report back. I wonder if art really is subjective.



        1. Well, when I saw this here I thought, okay, this is now Jimi. But nooooo, it’s the same version Mark posted earlier. Anyway, thanks, Hal, for the Jimi version. I searched, too, and found this Jimi version:


          …and now I’ve concluded that, yes, both are pretty much masters. However, on this particular song, and only on this particular song, I have to say that Jimi takes the prize. I see/hear Stevie’s expertise, especially in terms of the blues, I mean the blusie quality, and technically near perfect. But with Jimi, it’s about soul, a level of soul that just seems to go deeper and beyond. I am no guitar aficionado, but I know what I feel.

          Sometimes it’s just a relief to talk about things, things that exist outside tyranny. Sigh…


          1. “Jimi Hendrix – Hear My Train A Comin’ (Lyric Video)” jootube. This one has a good solo, Galen. I ain’t good using this fking stupid phone, my hotspot is used up. I may give this thing the sledge!

  2. Thanks Hal and EOTS. I guess each individual comes with his/her own perceptions. And it occurred to me that difference of perception, difference of opinion may be influenced by generational perspective. I know I’m older than you guys, so it just might be that in my time, Jimi was king and quite possibly I am unable to dethrone him. Ha!! Well, I’ll listen to Stevie more now and see what his soul says.

    I’m glad we had this discussion. Temporary relief from the insanity. Currently I find myself mourning the forests and all they are enduring. Always something.


    1. I think it’s just a style and how they approach the music
      Also I have found , living in different areas bring influence to the player and their own original sound
      As I know I can only copy them ,as my sound and how I play is different than them
      The uniqueness of each musician makes them and their sound like no other

      I certainly would sit down and listen to anything , either guitarist would play
      I’m sure age and era also play a role

      I just can’t get enough the blues

      1. I love the blues, too. It casts a mood like nothing else. Would love it if somehow all the Trencher guitar players could be heard by other Trenchers. Somehow, someday.



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