6 thoughts on “Jimmy Durante – I’ll Be Seeing You

  1. Yes.
    But hopefully not til after the rabid dogs are put down 🙂
    Threw a few back during the nasty little storm last night.
    My bell is still ringing 😉

    1. ya getting too old for that stuff 🙂
      hahaha.. I had 3 beers with my brother a few weeks ago while building the deck…took me two days to get right LMAO

      1. Ain’t no getting right at the funny farm.
        Besides, I’m down to a 1970 two ton dump truck with no brakes at this point, and it’s too muddy to get out of here.
        Anyway I think I’ll skip that challenge…
        For the moment 🙂

  2. Yes. I remember innocence, and love, and simple beauty. and when gay just meant joyful, and when the whole world seemed like it was mine to roam free in. I remember and I won’t forget. Thanks for the song, Hal. We’ve a long road ahead, but at least we’re on the road.


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