Jimmy Lee Dykes Dead: 5-Year-Old Hostage Rescued In Alabama Standoff

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The standoff between law enforcement and an Alabama man who held a boy in a bunker for seven days ended with the suspect dead and the 5-year-old safely rescued.

Reports of an explosion at Jimmy Lee Dykes’ Midland City property came first on Monday afternoon, followed by media reports of the 65-year-old’s death.

At a hastily organized roadside press conference near the crime scene, FBI agent Steve Richardson said negotiations had deteriorated over the last 24 hours. He said they entered the bunker shortly after 3 p.m. fearing the child was “in imminent danger,” because they’d seen Dykes carrying a firearm.

The boy, identified only as Ethan, was transported to a hospital, state Rep. Steve Clouse told CNN.

Witnesses said they heard a boom and gunfire. Ambulances arrived soon afterward.

The crisis began Jan. 29 when authorities say Dykes boarded a school bus and demanded that he take two boys between six and eight years old. The bus driver — Charles Albert Poland, Jr. — is hailed as a hero for putting himself between Dykes and the children. His valor cost him his life, as Dykes allegedly shot Poland several times before taking the 5-year-old boy from the bus.

“You didn’t deserve to die but you died knowing you kept everyone safe,” said a letter from a student on Poland’s bus that was read aloud at the bus driver’s funeral.

The bunker in which Dykes holed up was four feet underground. He equipped it with electricity and was said to possibly have weeks of supplies stored. Negotiators communicated to him through a ventilation pipe. Because of the risk of tornadoes in this part of Alabama, bunkers are a relative fixture on the landscape.

Authorities sent Ethan’s prescription medicine as well as items the boy requested like Cheez-Its snacks and a red Hot Wheels toy car.

There was open communication with Dykes, according to authorities, but they said he’d made few demands, making it unclear what he hoped to accomplish.

Some neighbors believed Dykes timed the abduction to nearly coincide with a court appearance scheduled for the day after he shot Poland. In December, Dykes was arrested for allegedly shooting a gun to frighten a neighbor.

For that incident and others, people who lived near Dykes were leery of him long before he became a hostage-taker. They said that he once beat a dog to death with a lead pipe, that he warned children they’d be shot for crossing onto his land and that he guarded his property at night with a flashlight and gun.

He was a loner who allegedly lost contact with an adult daughter years ago, according to people who lived near him. The sounds of conservative talk radio filled his home and fed his anti-government attitudes, locals said.

Details about Dykes slowly emerged as negotiations failed to break the impasse. Dykes was a decorated Vietname War veteran who’d served in the Navy. He’d grown up nearby, but later in life, he moved to Florida where he worked as a surveyor and truck driver. He returned to Alabama about two years ago, acquiring the rural property on a dirt road.

In 1995, he was arrested for improper exhibition of a weapon. That charge was dismissed. In 2000, he was booked on marijuana possession charges.

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28 thoughts on “Jimmy Lee Dykes Dead: 5-Year-Old Hostage Rescued In Alabama Standoff

  1. I hate the Huffington Post. They make it sound as if those that listen to conservative radio stations are either evil or insane

    1. LOL Every other story I’ve read (so far) has been just as bad, if not worse. They all cover the same propaganda talking points…underground bunker, anti-social, veteran, pot, improper exhibition of a weapon, animal cruelty, etc. (At least this one said that his “underground bunker” wasn’t uncommon in tornado country.) It’s painfully obvious to see what all the MSM is doing.

      1. More fuel to the fire Angel – I was discussing this with millard last night and we both said it – where did he get the LEAD PIPE when he was beating that dog. I thought that they don`t make lead pipes any more, at least I haven`t seen or heard of a lead pipe for years. Dykes must have had a real stash of lead pipes.

    2. The Huffington Post is mainstream (Zionist) media masquerading as alternative media. They can be expected to employ the same propaganda techniques as CNN, CBS, NY Times, etc.

  2. “Dykes was a decorated Vietnam War veteran who’d served in the Navy.”


    Now we get to the crux of the matter.

    Any questions???

      1. Hey, Angel. Sorry I didn’t call you yesterday, I totally spaced. I have another team meeting next Saturday, but I’ll write myself a post-it note to call you Sunday for sure, o.k.? That’s the only way I can remember to do things sometimes. (oldtimers, you know) 🙂

  3. Just another propaganda piece, done by a self serving government of the Nazi Zionist, by the Nazi Zionist and for the Nazi Zionist “corporations”. Only corporations are “people”: WE THE PEOPLE were totally disenfranchised long ago. Those FASCIST thugs are hell bent on trashing the entire constitution by creating situations that create emotional response intended to vilify and falsely show “preppers” and “survivalists” as criminally oriented and mentally unstable “domestic terrorists” who should be disarmed and murdered by those government thugs.
    They have have learned how to create “Manchurian Candidates” who have been programmed to act when triggered by their handlers.
    There was a government project dedicated to mind control and brainwashing named “MK Ultra” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra
    They will stoop to any deviant level to create an elitist NAZI POLICE STATE. There was a piece done by the “alphabet boys” that proves they will stop at nothing to achieve the destruction of the middle class and the enslavement of the entire population. The piece don by them was named “Operation Northwoods”.
    Once they have totally squashed the 2nd amendment: the rest of the constitution will be abolished.
    The only way to remain free is for the population to be better armed than the police. Thomas Jefferson had lived under absolute tyranny and recognized that ALL GOVERNMENTS GO BAD and eventually turn on the people who made that government viable.
    My personal analogy of our current place in time when compared to the stages the Roman Empire went thru: I would suggest we are in the insanely brutal times that Emperor Caligula inflicted on Rome, its people and the rest of the known world with horrific slaughter of untold thousands of innocent people. The short video below should be an eye opener about where we have been taken; and the fact that THIS EMPIRE WILL FALL AS WELL.
    They fully intended to kill Jimmy Lee Dykes because his story terrified them. That is why they murder journalists who are not “embedded” as they command and facilitate the commission all manner of war crimes, and crimes against humanity. More than likely: this poor man was not a victim of an “alien abduction” but was abducted by government operatives; brainwashed and programmed to do what he is accused of.
    There will be no safety in tyranny. Without the means to protect our rights: WE WILL BE DENIED ALL RIGHTS. Just sayin’

  4. FINALLY, they ended the damn thing. It only took a week. Oh and the guy was a Vietnam war veteran with not much known about him or his intentions (to the untrained eye). Real intentions (to the trained eye) is that he was a patsy in order to make war veterans look crazy and to further implement gun control and the fact that it took so long to deal with and that there were children involved means that they were using it for gun control propaganda purposes like the Sandy Hoax. Also, the fact that there is not much on this guy makes him perfect for the operation.

    Gee…this whole scenario almost exactly resembles the last episode of “Nikita” this past week where the bad guy was a SERE’s instructor who was a black-op’s, government agent/assassin, thought to be dead and who kidnapped his ex-wife and brought her to his bunker in the forest and took out most of the other agents and police looking for him, only to be taken out by Nikita. Finally Nikita tells his ex-wife not to mention that he was still alive because it could expose the secret government agency that they work for.

    Just thought I’d throw that in. The timing was convenient, yet probably just a coincidence. Or not……

      1. M K Ultra = “Manchurian Candidate” = totally brainwashed, controlled and programmed to fulfill whatever the objective is by governmental covert actions. TYRANNY is the ultimate end desired by any government that has been subverted by outside infiltrators. In our case; the infiltrator is AIPAC (the “jewish lobby”). These conspirators of the Bolshevik revolution are the same ilk that invaded and destroyed Palestine, who continue with Apartheid and GENOCIDE to remove Palestine from recorded history. Their overall objective is the ultimate destruction of their host nation; the U.S.A. by using false flag attacks. such as their attack on the USS Liberty in 1967. http://www.ussliberty.org/voices.htm
        Our downfall can be directly attributed to their actions. Not our “friend”: NEVER WERE !
        All “Manchurian Candidates” are not political assassins. They are TOOLS FOR (and of) TYRANNY

  5. When the police complement you on your behavior that means they are about to kill you. Remember that. Its a psychological trick.

    The fact he had a gun did not automatically mean he was going to kill the child. he wanted to protect himself and tell them something the police did not want the public to know.

  6. “When the police complement you on your behavior that means they are about to kill you. Remember that. Its a psychological trick.”

    Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.

  7. NatGeo’s Doomsday Preppers, Discovery’s Militia Rising, this incident and recent previous incidents involving preppers. Hmmm…could it just possibly be a propaganda campaign??? Naaa…there were tons of these kinds of events that happened before Obama came into office…er…um…NOT. The sad thing is, most people believe this shit.

  8. what the article failes to mention is if the kidnapper was on SSRI drugs. If he was it would explain the odd behaviour, the aggression, paranoia and the killing of the bus driver, kidnapping the boy…so, I have to conclude by these actions that he must have been on SSRI drugs but which ones are unknown. There is an established link to SSRI meds and violent actions and odd behaviour. The congress even held hearings on the subject in 2010 and they are still hiding it.

  9. i do not buy into ssri’s as being the entire problem, i do believe however that they are sought after for the distraction and the suggestive qualities these drugs may have. look, more women are on these types of drugs than men, because they didn’t get their prince charming or become a movie star but instead became a porn star….i say this because if ssri’s were the problem then why aren’t women committing these same violent crimes??? however i do believe mk ultra “might” have been used like in the hood shootings, sandy hook? i don’t know, there’s just too much pointing to the contrary when it comes to an autistic boy committing this unprovoked violent action, i know autistic people and never have i seen this kind of reaction when angry. i don’t even understand what even happened in sandy hook, if it even took place. all i know is the globalists want to disarm us here and this Hegelian formula fits the bill here”problem, reaction, solution…….

  10. Early reports said that Dykes boarded the bus and demanded two kids by name, one six and the other one eight. The boys had already been let off the bus, because like most rural school buses, this one had a variable route. Dykes then demanded an Autistic kid, and the children on the bus all pointed to Ethan.

    Despite his meds being delivered down the PVC pipe during his confinement, Ethan was given none. According to ear-witnesses, Ethan was fed whole foods, as well as a steady diet of interaction, attention and homeschooling. When he emerged, Ethan was seen laughing, joking, pranking and interacting, so much so that many in the hospital staff were surprised this kid was labeled Asperger’s.

    Good can come from bad. Think of Dykes’ sacrifice when you hear of a friend, neighbor or family member being poisoned by a convenient diagnosis and destructive medications.

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