9 thoughts on “Joe Biden: America Is “Nation of Morally Deprived” Who Are “Less Prosperous” Due to Systemic Racism

  1. But what ARE you gonna do about systemically racist noahide laws, joe, donald, obama, george, bill, george, ronnie….

    Oh, you’re just gonna sign them into “law” like the rest, as per usual.

    1. BAM! So much of this covid crap seems also to have made Christians and others forget about Noahide. And to make them forget even more, Orthodox Christ-hating Jews are actively resisting the covid lockdown crap (esp. in Israel and Crown Heights in Brooklyn, Hassidim Central)…to the point where we’re supposed to side with them? YIKES!

  2. Morally “deprived”? The term is “depraved” Uncle Joe……you definitely should know all about depravity.

  3. Zionist Communist stooges Joe Biden and his side kick are Criminals and need to be arrested, tried, and sentenced to the max for treason and sedition!

  4. Morally deprived, eh? Takes one to know one…. Now go back to your pedophile basement….

    And speaking of systemic racism…when are you changing the name of the White House? And how much will you pay Antifa to put upside-down crosses and other satanic symbols on it? Paint it black, Joe, paint it black (with apologies to the Rolling Stones). Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha!

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