Joe Biden Claims DACA Illegal Aliens ‘More American than Most Americans’

Breitbart – by Haris Alic

Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed on Tuesday that illegal immigrants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are “more American than most Americans” because they had “done well in school.”

Biden, who recently said he believed drunk driving should not be crime that warrants deportation, made the statement during a campaign rally in Ames, Iowa.

The 77-year-old former vice president said:

These kids have come, they’ve done well, most of these kids there’s a lot of them, and they’re not just Hispanic, they’re Asian-Pacific Islanders as well. and they in fact have done very well. In many cases, they’re more American than most Americans because they have done well in school.

Biden proceeded to claim that DACA recipients believed in the “basic principles” which we all share and deserved a pathway to U.S. citizenship.

The former vice president’s praise of illegal aliens marks a stark contrast to the tone he has generally taken since jumping into the 2020 race. Although Biden favors giving healthcare to migrants residing in the country unlawfully, he has taken a more nuanced approach to border enforcement and deportations.

This was on display in July 2019, when the former vice president was confronted by an immigration activist when campaigning in New Hampshire. The activist, who claimed to be undergoing deportation proceedings, demanded that Biden “apologize to the three million immigrants that were deported and separated from their families under the Obama years.” The former vice president simply smirked at the cameras taping the altercation, before telling the activist he would do no such thing.

“I will not apologize for the deportation of people who have committed a felony,” Biden said at the time.

2 thoughts on “Joe Biden Claims DACA Illegal Aliens ‘More American than Most Americans’

  1. Americans is a pretty open ended geo- position
    It includes everything from the tip of South America all the way up to the top of Canada

    We in the USA are US Nationals
    We are all Americans
    A Peruvian is American ( South American)
    A Mexican is American.. (Central America )

    But what they are not , but we are
    Is US Nationals
    From the United States

    This article needs someone writing it that knows the difference for it to make any dam sense

  2. “They believe what the basic principle is that we all share.”

    Oh, that’s what it means to be an “American”?

    Sounds like some pretty familiar ideology but I disagree. Just can’t seem to place it…

    Oh well, “FORWARD!”, right?

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