9 thoughts on “Joe Biden Has Contacted The ATF: They Are Coming For Braces and 80% Lowers

  1. No time to watch Vid, but from the title I’d reply;

    No Joe, it’s the 80% are coming for all of you tyrants.!! Especially the criminal Alphabet agencies.

    When the people finally do rise, there is going to be hell to pay for all of you at these levels of Gov going along with all this treason and tyranny, hope you are all in…!

  2. how do they “come for something” they know not where they exist?

    yeah and thats their problem with the 80%ers … they hate it that they dont know whos got em , and thats on our side

    eat a dick Joe

    I actually think this article is bunk
    Joe is a nobody as of still , he’s not the President at the time of this BS article

    and even if he does enter the office of President , my original statement still holds true

    also to add
    ATF doesnt write or pass laws ..so Fck the BS

  3. Part of the psyop, imo. Get all this “Bidens gonna do this or that” fear mongering out, instill rage and fear in “conservatives” & Trump supporters, then after the recount, etc happens, Trump will be reinstalled, THEN Trump will bring the hammer down with little resistance.

    1. Yep. As long as chump is railing them from behind, it ain’t quee(r).

      See? All I had to do was put parentheses around the “r” and it becomes “republican”.

      Spineless, stupid pathetic chumptard faggots.

  4. Luckily the hapless c!nts who pistoled their ARs all lost them in boating accidents.
    The rest….

    Be careful what you look for. You may just find them.

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