Joe Rogan Apologizes Amid Spotify Vaccine Controversy.

Barron’s – by Lina Saigol

Joe Rogan responded to a growing backlash against his popular podcast and host Spotify , saying his show had grown “out of control” and promised to be more balanced and informed about controversial topics in the future. Spotify stock was rising.

“If I pissed you off, I’m sorry,” Rogan said in a 10-minute Instagram video post on Sunday evening.

“I will do my best to try to balance out these more controversial viewpoints with other people’s perspectives so we can maybe find a better point of view,” he said.

Singer-songwriters Neil Young and Joni Mitchell last week announced that they were removing their music from Spotify Technology (ticker: SPOT) in protest at the streaming giant’s role as a platform for spreading misinformation about the coronavirus and vaccines.

“Spotify has become the home of life-threatening Covid misinformation. Lies being sold for money,” Young wrote on his website.

The hashtags #CancelSpotify and #deletespotify were trending on Twitter Thursday and other artists joined the conversation as well.

“It’s a strange responsibility to have this many viewers and listeners. It’s nothing that I’ve prepared for. I’m going to do my best to balance things out,” Rogan said.

He thanked Spotify for its support and said he is, and “always have been a Neil Young fan.”

Earlier on Sunday, Spotify published its existing rules governing content on its platform, and said it would add content advisories for anything containing a discussion about Covid, in what it called a new effort to combat misinformation.

“This advisory will direct listeners to our dedicated Covid-19 Hub, a resource that provides easy access to data-driven facts, up-to-date information as shared by scientists, physicians, academics and public health authorities around the world, as well as links to trusted sources,” Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said in a statement.

Spotify stock has fallen 26% year to date, but that has more to do with the selloff in high-valuation tech shares than any controversy regarding Joe Rogan or the #deletespotify campaign. Its stock is up 2.8% in premarket trading on Monday after getting upgraded to Buy from Neutral at Citi.



6 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Apologizes Amid Spotify Vaccine Controversy.

  1. Guess he didn’t want to do anything to tarnish that $100 Million contract he has with Spotify or to disappoint Harry and Megan who are also connected to Spotify.

    We are looking at the dirty laundry of the super-rich, all soiled with ugly elitism, oppressive censorship, and unlawful control.


  2. The straw man strong man has played his part in showing people that even he is subject to censorship. That was their main point, same as alex jewns.

    1. Yeah, and the house of cards just lost a corner stone, uh, I mean corner card.

      Much fun in seeing who upholds what. Working in our favor by identifying members of opposing team. At the goal-posts: Bill of Rights. Only the unconnected will score.


  3. For all his bravado, Joe has always been a limp wristed sissy boy. He supported the commie Bernie Sanders in the 2020 primaries, then voted for the senile old fool in the election. Joe Rogan is no friend of us Trenchers.

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