Joel Osteen shuts megachurch amid flooding crisis

New York Post – by David K. Li

Televangelist Joel Osteen canceled services at his Houston megachurch Sunday and has yet to reopen its doors — despite the fact that thousands of flooded-out residents are desperately seeking shelter.

The perpetually smiling pastor told followers on Twitter on Monday to lean on their faith.

“Jesus promises us peace that passes understanding,” he wrote. “That’s peace when it doesn’t make sense.”  

But Osteen’s comforting words didn’t sit well with critics, who want to know why the doors to his 16,800-seat arena at his Lakewood Church near downtown Houston are closed.

“You have taken so much money away from your people to live like a king,” entertainment publicist Danny Deraney blasted. “It’s the least you could do.”

Washington, DC-based writer Charles Clymer tweeted pictures of Lakewood Church, which did not appear to be damaged by floods.

“It doesn’t make sense why you’re not opening up your mega church to house Houston citizens, help me understand that. Jesus,” according to Florida-based writer Emily Timbol.

While the church and its arena have not suffered any flood damage yet, ministry spokesman Donald Iloff said their property is inaccessible because of surrounding waters.

And it makes no sense to open church doors when the city and county are already treating thousands of flood victims at the nearby George R. Brown Convention Center, according to Iloff.

“It has everything inside there — medicine, doctors, places to sleep,” Iloff said of the convention center. “It’s amazing what they’re doing there to make people comfortable.”

17 thoughts on “Joel Osteen shuts megachurch amid flooding crisis

  1. Joel oye stein.

    Now I know why Texas is being punished.

    Hey… Joel may be u can miracle of fkng drought in your parking lot.

    1. I love you Mark.

      Just like like I told Katie I love her too..!

      Yeah… it’s early… and guess what.
      Eye m already ripped.

      Why does god keep punishing me like this…?

      I think its for u r entertainment.

      1. Love you too flee,

        Take it easy on the love juice, I love it too, but I have to be goddam careful how and when I tilt the bottle back, I get surprise tested all the time.

        You not being punished, you just like the stuff.

        Take it easy man, would like to have you around for awhile.

  2. “You have taken so much money away from your people to live like a king,”

    Yep, it’s the Communist way!

  3. Jewl Osteen isn’t in the business of helping people.
    He’s in the business of fleecing them out of their money.
    Besides, he can’t have all those sopping wet and bedraggled people tromping mud all over his beautiful church. Setting up camp. Making a mess.
    Not in his church!
    Besides, his bank said he couldn’t because his insurance doesn’t have a storm refugee waiver. It only covers foreign refugees.
    Besides, the county says his church isn’t zoned for residency, it’s only zoned for fleecing.

  4. Sorry, flee. Sorry, tc. But I’m gonna get Biblical here–according to the Apostle James and I’m paraphrasing…”You show me your faith and I’ll show you my works”…’cause it’s like this Joel ol’ boy: you prove your faith by doing the kind of works Jesus would (and I don’t mean the WWJD crap!). Nope, Osteen isn’t opening his church for refuge because there is no refuge in a church where the bogus “prosperity gospel” is preached. If you’re rich, God loves you, and so does ol’ Joel, but if you are suddenly homeless or poor, God has “cursed you,” and so does ol’ Joel. Right? Folks, the man’s hypocrisy is stunning.

  5. verily I say unto you: Thou shalt not tread with thy filthy feet the muck and the mire of thy poverty upon the fine broadloom of My Father’s House.

    1. Joel, you beat me to the scriptures, although I’ve not found these in the gospel.

      These are from that other book. Start reading the correct book.

    2. C’mon now…

      What was that old t.v. game show…

      At the end they said…

      Will the real Joel Oystein please stand up.

      I think Henry created that name tag.

      It’s a goof…

      And a prank..

      I don’t want to piss Henry off.

      I don’t want him to go psycho hillbilly on me on the phone again.

      But whoever did that nametag.

      It was very clever.

      I commend you on your comic pranking skills.

  6. The Twitter video within this article plainly shows a guy standing if front of the church, and like he said, he had no problem getting there.

  7. “The perpetually smiling pastor told followers on Twitter on Monday to lean on their faith.”

    While he leans on their bank accounts.


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