John Kasich Has A Sex Scandal About To EXPLODE!?!

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It is unclear why Ohio Governor John Kasich remains in this race. A self-described moderate who supports Obamacare and Common Core, Kasich has tried to be the liberal media’s favorite candidate for President.

He’s stumbled along the way, and right now he’s under intense pressure by the Republican establishment to drop out. His victory in Ohio against conservative businessman Donald Trump changed the delegate math, and he’s also taken just enough delegates away from Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to be a problem for him, too.  

And while Kasich has been married twice and has children, old rumors are being explored about his past. It appears almost all of Kasich’s inner circle seems to be homosexual moderate Republicans. That’s hardly a scandal, but what exactly are Kasich’s relationships with them?

Apparently, Kasich has a weekly dinner meeting with friends who happen to be gay, and lived with a gay man for years while serving in Congress. Is this all usual behavior for a married, straight male?

Here is the unverified email which has been circulating on political message boards. This is going viral just as the Republican presidnetial primary becomes the most controversial, just before the RNC convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

From: German Village Gadfly <>
Subject: John Kasich and Gay Hypocrisy

To Whom It May Concern:

Someone should be looking into the likely Republican nominee for governor. John Kasich is another one of the those “pro-family” Republicans who is gay. He’s voted against gay marriage and gay adoption but is well known to be a homosexual and to surround himself with equally hypocritical gays.

This has been an open secret for almost 18 years. Kasich is married with young twins, but he only recently was married.

– While in Congress Kasich lived with his chief of staff, Don Thibaut (gay), in Washington DC for 14 years. This has been published extensively and a member of Congress even called for an investigation into it.

– While in Congress, Kasich used to fly home on Thursdays for dinner at an italian restaurant in Columbus called Rapollo’s. He dined every Thursday with the same two young men. A current Democratic state senator from Southeast Ohio used to wait on him regularly. Today, Kasich denies ever setting foot in Rapollo’s or even hearing of it.

– Don Thibaut now lives in German Village in Columbus. Kasich is a frequent after hours visitor there.

– Kasich’s campaign is being run by gay men. His team consists of Doug Preisse (openly gay). Preisse came out two years ago in a Columbus Dispatch article. He is also chairman of the Franklin County Republican Party. He is a protégé of Alex Arshinkoff, a notorious gay from Akron who chairs the Summit County Republican Party.

Arshinkoff is also on the Kaisch campaign team. He has been pulled over by police after picking up a young man at 2:30am in Akron and soliciting him for sex. There is a police report and it’s been published in several papers. He’s also regularly spotted in gay bars in Cleveland. It is well known around Columbus that Arshinkoff made a
sexual advance toward one of his local state senators while driving him in his corvette including groping his leg.

These issues are further complicated because not only did Governor Kasich oppose the Gay Marriage Amendment to Ohio’s state constitution approved by voters in 2004, but he now opposes any efforts to push back against the Supreme Court’s historic pro-gay marriage ruling. In fact, he has even attended gay weddings:

“The court has ruled, and I said we’ll accept it,” Kasich said last week in Cleveland during the GOP’s first presidential debate, in response to a question about how he would explain his position on same-sex marriage to one of his daughters if she were gay.

“And guess what, I just went to a wedding of a friend of mine who happens to be gay,” Kasich continued, drawing applause from a home-court audience at The Q.

“Because somebody doesn’t think the way I do doesn’t mean that I can’t care about them or can’t love them. So if one of my daughters happened to be that, of course I would love them and I would accept them,” he added, the applause growing louder. “Because you know what? That’s what we’re taught when we have strong faith.”

Via The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer

Personal lives should remain personal. But when people run for President, uncomfortable details about their personal life can leave the leader of the free world open to blackmail and other threats. That’s why these questions must be asked and answered.

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7 thoughts on “John Kasich Has A Sex Scandal About To EXPLODE!?!

  1. The majority of those who reside in Washingtown, the District of Criminals, are either homosexual or sold out to the homosexual agenda. That this creature Kasich is a jewish puppet ( ) – AND holds public office – AND is running for president of the CORPORATION – indicates strongly to me that he is not only obviously one of the insider traitors to the Republic who licks the boots of the Zionists, but is likely a closet homo as well.
    Just another bundle of sticks to be used for fuel.

  2. “Apparently, Kasich has a weekly dinner meeting with friends who happen to be gay, and lived with a gay man for years while serving in Congress. Is this all usual behavior for a married, straight male?”

    Yep. It’s completely normal if you’re a government puppet.

  3. Whatever their perversion it is afforded them in DC hence the corruption and complete leverage over passing legislation.

  4. Just makes it easier for the establishment to manipulate him
    Every one of them have mud on the tires
    That’s how the crooked deals get made
    The leverage is either ingrained within them or or brainwashed into them over time
    We have no one in this oligarchy that is without a closet full of skeletons

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