John Kerry Chimes In, Calls Egypt Situation “Deplorable”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

It appears John Kerry has once more disembarked from the “Isabel” and was kind enough to share his latest incisive thoughts on the borderline civil war in non-coup’y, democratic Egypt. From the BBC.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is making a statement in Washington, calling the situation in Egypt “deplorable” and appealing for calm. “The United States strongly condemns today’s bloodshed and violence across Egypt,” he said.  

“Violence is simply not a solution in Egypt or anywhere else,” Mr Kerry said. “Continued political polarisation will only further tear the Egyptian economy apart.” Mr Kerry said the US supported the people of Egypt and said the interim government and military needed to offer inclusive steps forward.”

He called on all parties to avoid violence in Egypt, saying: “There can only be political solution by bringing people together.” Mr Kerry added he believed an inclusive way forward was still possible, but that Wednesday’s events had greatly complicated the situation.

And now, back to sailing.

3 thoughts on “John Kerry Chimes In, Calls Egypt Situation “Deplorable”

  1. “Violence is simply not a solution in Egypt or anywhere else,” Mr Kerry said. “Or anywhere else” . That should be in caps and underlined. I am puzzled, Mr. Secretary of State. Ever heard of taking a crap in the woods?, and, you fall backwards in it? After this, and the statement about Israel’s expanded settlements occurring before the new peace talks does not effect the “politics” of these talks. Oh, and neither does drone strikes on other countries, or spying, or covert assassinations, or, I don’t think about it. Wanna-be pop star didn’t fall back in it………….I think he went face first, twice now. Next?…….. I’m waiting to see how his own crap gets wiped off.

  2. ““Violence is simply not a solution in Egypt or anywhere else,” Mr Kerry said.”

    But when it comes to Syria, let’s blow Assad’s army to hell, right Mr. Draft Dodger?

    Just more hypocritical words from our supposed Secretary of State.

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