John Kerry, self-proclaimed lifelong gun owner: No one should use an ‘AR-16 with a long clip’ to hunt

The Blaze – by Phil Shiver

Speaking at Joe Biden campaign rally over the weekend, former secretary of state and supposed lifelong hunter and gun owner John Kerry asserted that no one should use an “AR-16 with a long clip” to hunt.

“You heard from Joe about the things he did with the NRA,” Kerry said to the crowd of Biden supporters. “That took courage. Delaware is a tough state. I’m a hunter. I’m a gun owner. Been that all my life,” he continued. “But I got news for you, there’s not a veteran here who would take an AR-16 with a long clip to go out and shoot a deer or shoot anything. There is no business — Joe led the fight to get those things off the street.”

Kerry likely meant to refer to the AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and also confused a clip with a magazine, both surprising mistakes for a lifelong gun owner.

“Now we have a crowd that was willing to bring them back,” Kerry continued. “And we saw what happened in Las Vegas and other places. We need a Joe Biden with the guts and the courage and the savvy to be able to do something that’s reasonable about guns in our country.”

Kerry again makes a mistake in claiming there was a “crowd that was willing to bring [AR-15s] back,” since AR-15s were never fully banned.

He may be referring to the assault weapons ban inaugurated under President Bill Clinton in 1994, but that law simply placed restrictions on how many features could be added to the AR-15 and similar firearms. That ban was also lifted in 2004, well before the current gun debate in America ensued.

Responding to the gaffe, popular gun rights blog Bearing Arms called out Kerry for proceeding to demonize guns without knowing much about them.

“If you want a ban a gun, shouldn’t you at least know what it’s called? And why is it that so many ‘lifelong gun owners’ who love gun control talk about firearms like someone speaking a foreign language?” the article said.

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9 thoughts on “John Kerry, self-proclaimed lifelong gun owner: No one should use an ‘AR-16 with a long clip’ to hunt

  1. Nobody should cheat Americans out of their freedoms you SOB, how’s that yacht your wealthy wife bought you scum bag? I remember writing an article about your treasonous ass moring your sailboat in another county to avoid taxes you POS, how’s that working out for ya chief? Lying about were your boat was actually registered..

    Remember this you POS?
    Why is it many of your crew mates that served with you in that PT boat all thought your were a conman? Pretending to be in action, when in reality you were hiding under your mother skirt?

    People like you make American Nationals look clownish… yeah, big man while entirely something else, right John Kerry?

  2. I hearby pledge to fully honor John Kerry’s belief that Nobody should “Ever” use an AR-15 & a Long clip to Hunt. I promise to never do that.

    I promise to only use an AR-15 with a Long Clip to re-instate our republic against the usurpers such as yourself JK, whom are fully engaged in treason on a daily basis.

    Repelling you criminal corporate enforcers and then either dispatching the suits directly or via hanging thereafter.

    (Disclaimer: No animals were hunted with an AR-15 and Long clip during the writing of this response to a tyrant).

    Fk you scum and DTTNWO eternal….

    1. The biggest deer I ever shot was with a mini 14 with a 40 round magazine in it. There was a whole herd of monster mulees, running wide open, breaking brush, at about 250 yards. Got him on the third shot, and yes, I have witnesses. LOL
      Never did like the AR-16, I can’t ever find the son of a bitch, and they are so goddamn expensive.
      Oh, and I said magazine for those experts out there who think whether you call it a clip or a magazine makes any goddamn difference.
      If they would redirect the energy for such silliness and insist that the 2nd Article be as absolute as magazines, well we might just get somewhere.

        1. and if you say “give me a magazine” someone may hand you a copy of Sports Illustrated and perhaps lose more precious time depending on the issue 🙂

  3. he’s a Liar , because no “life long gun owner” calls a magazine a clip, let alone a “Long clip” just WTF is a dam long clip? , dude were not tying back yer dam hair ..who ever says shit like this ?

    DORK!!!!! ALERT

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