8 thoughts on “John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s

  1. Why does McShame have no sympathy for the people being tortured on
    Guanatanamo? Because he doesn’t believe they are being tortured
    and are lying, just as he did.

  2. Vets were exposing this Traitor back in the mid ’70s. McInsane keeps hoping that they will all die off so he can re-write the history books. Too bad nobody listened.

  3. I’m a Viet Nam Vet, US Army, Drafted, in country, Jan 69…..John Mccain is no war hero. His legacy of being a US Senator, is, with leaving the entire us population with not much else but grief. As a result of his murderous mind set ,when solving problems.regarding senate work… he should get out of the US Senate and go straight to a nursing home. There may not be one that would take him……he is disgusting….and thats one who is doing the business of we the people?
    No wonder our country is such a wreck…

  4. As a 14 year life member of the VFW I can say that I dont think Iv ever met a nam vet that likes john mcInsane or john kerry.

  5. I was in Viet Nam but I did not meet John McCain there.

    I met him at a free barbecue at Eagar City Park.

    He and I sat on a log eating free barbecue and beans off of paper plates.

    I think he was running for Congress at the time.

    I asked him some hard leading questions and he jumped up and stomped away and shouted back at me over his shoulder, “I am NOT the Manchurian Candidate!”

    I never said Manchurian Candidate. He did. From that, and from his answers to my questions, I knew that for sure he WAS the Manchurian Candidate, and he has lived up to that right down the line ever since.

    This is not the first time I have told this.

    Glenn Jacobs / 928-333-3985

    1. Glenn.
      Your experience, once again, reminds me of these lyrics 😉 :
      “Big man, pig man, ha ha charade you are.
      You well heeled big wheel, ha ha charade you are.
      And when your hand is on your heart,
      You’re nearly a good laugh,
      Almost a joker,
      With your head down in the pig bin,
      Saying ‘Keep on digging.’
      Pig stain on your fat chin.
      What do you hope to find.
      When you’re down in the pig mine.
      You’re nearly a laugh,
      You’re nearly a laugh
      But you’re really a cry.

  6. We don’t need a trial for McCain the traitor. He should just be dragged out of any one of his campaign appearances and strung up. For that matter, let’s throw in all his Senatorial and Congressional buddies, and last, but not least, the entire Executive branch. It would be a good start anyway!

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