7 thoughts on “John McCain in 1967 after the USS Forrestal disaster

  1. McCain talking about the fire he started as a result of his hotdogging on deck and dropped one of his bombs killing and injuring all those sailors

  2. Crap….
    I got all excited for nothing.

    I though the article was going say that ratt bassturd died.

    Okay…I guess I’ll wait another week or two for that one.

    Word on the street is that Carrot Top is going to do his Euology at the services.

  3. What a stain on US policy
    this man is the epitome of “Fuk up move up” when it comes to promoting the people who are the problem

    No war hero.. no hero period

    a huge freaaking Liability if you were to ask me

    hell If i had a clown like this working for me , he would have been let go the second day on the job .. this is the “quality” of people we have in power of our government folks

  4. Insane Mc Cain dare devil barnstormer see the show as he kills Americans onboard ship, Even the enemy couldn’t do that – what a hero, but for who?

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