John McCain: Why Do the Terrorists Hate Us?

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The most DISLIKED and UNINSPIRING video in the entire “Big Think” series to date features the U.S. Senate’s perennial warmonger, John McCain, giving his two cents on ‘why the terrorists hate us’. He openly admits that it “may have something to do with some action of ours” but that is ultimately irrelevant since Islamic Fundamentalism is a “perverted adaptation of an honorable religion” in which the terrorists want to destroy everything we stand for and believe in. “They wanna destroy our ideals, our principles, our Bill of Rights.”

No John McCain, people like YOU are destroying our Bill Of Rights.

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Question: Why do the terrorists hate us?

John McCain:I’m sure that we may have had something to do with it by some action of ours, but I think fundamentally we ought to understand that this is a perverted adaptation of an honorable religion in which people want to destroy everything we stand for and believe in. They wanna destroy our ideals, our principles, our Bill of Rights — our fundamental principles that have permeated our thought, and action, and governing bodies not only in America, but in other places in the world. And they wanna destroy it, and they hate it. And that’s very hard for us to understand; but we better understand they’re making very good use of cyberspace. It’s a hatred. It’s an irrational hatred of us. It’s a belief that their religion is telling them to destroy us, and that . . . that their fundamental faith and reward . . . rewards are based on a destruction of all western beliefs and ideals. And it’s hard if not impossible for us to understand, but we better appreciate that it’s there; it’s unrelenting; it has many . . . takes many forms ranging from doctors in Glasgow to Denmark to Germany; to efforts to establish Al Qaeda cells in the United States of America.
We need a strong military intelligence and diplomatic capability; but we also better understand that it’s gonna be an ideological battle at the end of the day just as the Cold War was. And we’re not doing nearly enough in the area of cyberspace and winning the ideological struggle as we need to. And it’s gonna be a long, hard struggle. It’s gonna be a long war.

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7 thoughts on “John McCain: Why Do the Terrorists Hate Us?

  1. Mc Cain sounds like he has severe depression or he is on a bunch of drugs. He needs to die a unnatural death thinking the way he thinks not to mention selling us out during viet nam.

  2. That photo op wasn’t with BOnzai 7

    that was real oath breaking…

    QUESTION IS… How to get him and any clone replacement permanently removed from power?

  3. It’s simple. They hate you for the same reasons we hate you. You are the terrorists!!!!!! You do the same thing Christ spoke of when he referenced the theif(devil). He comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. You follow the god of this world, the devil, and you do his bidding. For the sake of your soul, I hope you repent and get saved if you’re not already. None of you are going to escape God’s wrath whether you believe it or not. Let God be true, but every man a liar.

  4. “It’s a belief that their religion is telling them to destroy us,……..”

    Bullsh#t, bozo.

    It’s strictly a matter of self preservation.

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