3 thoughts on “John McCain’s Last Dance – Tom Svenny

  1. I propose when we the people return this nation to the bill of rights and common law courts…

    After we hang all the living traitors in this criminal system in our midst….

    we exhume every last one of these scum sucking politician NWO maggotry and posthumously Hang their wired up bones,

    they are not going to escape the hangman so easily…!!!

  2. I just went my friend’s house.

    Unfortunately they had CNN on.

    It was all about John McCain and skng his treasonous dead dk.

    Fkng appalling. ..embarrassing and I almost felt like I was going to puke.

    Then his daughter is on there with crocodile tears for how great her father was …for all the people he helped kill.

    Although I would still give her a sympathy fk to make her feel better…

    Since she’s still kind of hot.

    But that’s not gonna happen.

    Just like that dickhead is not coming back to life like Jesus.

    1. Lindsey Graham and McCain were a little too cozy. Graham still hasn’t stopped crying, something tells me he dressed up like the bitch, red lipstick, high heels , panties and hose.

      Graham put the closet in the closet.

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