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John Morse Recall Looms: Gun-Rights Activists Gather Double The Signatures Needed For Recall Of Colorado Senator

John MorseHuffington Post- by Kristen Wyatt

DENVER — Gun-rights activists in Colorado turned in petition signatures Monday to set up the first recall in state history of a state lawmaker after he backed some of the strictest gun control measures to become law in the U.S. this year.

The opponents of Democratic Senate President John Morse said they turned in twice as many signatures as needed Monday to put Morse back on the ballot. Carting white paper boxes of petitions, the gun-rights advocates said Morse will pay for backing a series of gun control measures that were signed into law earlier this year.  

“This shot will be heard around the world,” said Bill Adaska, a retired engineer from Denver who volunteered to gather recall signatures in Morse’s Colorado Springs district. “This is the race, right here, that’s going to show Washington and Chicago that when you come after our guns, we’re going to take you out.”

Adaska is referring to a gun-control package that made Colorado the first state outside the East Coast to significantly ratchet back gun rights after last year’s mass shootings in Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Mass. The Colorado package included expanded background checks to include private and online gun sales, plus a 15-round limit on most types of ammunition magazines.

Morse backed the gun control measures, and sponsored an even stricter measure to gun owners liable in some cases for damage caused by their weapons. Morse scuttled that liability measure when it appeared it didn’t have enough support to clear the Senate.

A defiant Morse responded Monday to the recall petition by insisting he won’t resign and that national gun groups have targeted him in an effort to scare politicians nationwide away from addressing gun control.

“This turns into a national race,” Morse predicted.

Even if he loses his seat, Morse said, the gun measures were too important not to adopt after a bloody 2012. He insisted that he’s never aspired to another office and wouldn’t mind losing his political career over the gun bills.

“Keeping Coloradans safe from gun violence is very worth your political career,” Morse told reporters.

Talking about last year’s Connecticut school shooting, Morse added, “We had 20 6-year-olds shot in the face, and we have the other side arguing we should do nothing, and I’m sorry, that doesn’t cut it.”

The National Rifle Association sent a political mailer in support of the Morse recall effort. However, recall supporters insisted the effort was home-grown and conducted without national support. They hired petition gatherers, and local gun shops contributed firearms and ammunition to reward people who volunteered gathering petition signatures.

“I ran this campaign. The NRA did not run this campaign,” said Rob Harris, organizer of the recall effort. “We the people are making a stand against the people who refused to represent their constituents.”

Morse, a former police chief, is term limited and has one year left in office. If Republicans pick up his seat, Democrats would still control the Senate, in addition to the House and the governor’s office.

The Colorado Secretary of State has 15 business days to verify signatures. After that, Morse has a period of time to challenge signatures before a recall election is set. The latest possible date for a Morse recall vote would be early October.

No state lawmaker in Colorado history has ever faced a recall vote. The special election would ask whether Morse should be recalled, and if so, who should replace him. Voters would answer both questions, though the second wouldn’t be counted if Morse holds on.

Any candidate with 1,000 signatures could make that second part of the ballot, except the incumbent, opening the door for a Democratic candidate as a replacement. Democrats hold a narrow registration advantage in the district.

Gun-rights activists are still working to recall another Democrat, Sen. Angela Giron of Pueblo. Signatures in that effort aren’t due until next week.

Recall efforts against two other Democratic lawmakers who backed gun control have already fizzled for lack of support.

If this year’s efforts against Morse and Giron succeed, they would be the first lawmakers to face recall votes since Colorado adopted the recall in 1912, said Joshua Spivak, who tracks recall elections nationwide at the Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform at Wagner College in New York.


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18 Responses to John Morse Recall Looms: Gun-Rights Activists Gather Double The Signatures Needed For Recall Of Colorado Senator

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    It’s great that they’re recalling this guy, but I’m sure it took a lot of effort, and my worry is that he’ll only be replaced by his clone.
    As long as we have no say in who the candidates are, recalls and voting is meaningless.

  2. Bob Dobbs says:

    Morse doesn’t seem to get that once he’s thrown out either someone will be put in that rolls back the laws or by then the courts will have thrown it all out anyway. He blew his political career foolishly exploiting a tragedy and deserves to go.

  3. Scott says:

    Three cheers for Colorado. I hope they can recall more of these guys who betrayed our Constitution. Maybe…maybe it’s a start.

    • Angel-NYC says:

      We signed their Petition, also. We are All in this Together.
      To: Everyone,
      Come on y’all, sign the Petitions about things you Believe in. (I posted one re. Monsanto & Oregon earlier today. 🙂

  4. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    Recall Petition only???

    If the people of Colorado had ANY balls,.. they would have had a sister petition with this one,….. FOR TREASON.

    Its not enough to go thru the motions of removing him from office (just to get a high paying job in “private” industry as a reward),… he needs to go to jail, for a long time,.. or better yet,… hang for TREASON.

    JD – US Marines – Punishment only works when there is actual punishment involved,.. such as hanging a Senator for treason.

    • Scott says:

      One thing at a time Marine. Get him out of office…then perhaps evidence can be brought before a Grand Jury. We are facing a beast. I know your instinct is to attack and do battle. There is a part of me that would go in with you..but remember, even the largest beast can be felled by innumerable mosquito bites. In this fight we have the high ground. Let’s use it to our advantage. We will fight if we must, but let us exaust all other options first.

      • Eyes Wide Open says:

        “even the largest beast can be felled by innumerable mosquito bites.”
        You really believe we have that much time left for “Do Process?!?!”
        We know they are flying in UN troops via military transport to do the dirty work the US military, FBI, and police won’t do, we know they have set up FEMA camps across the country right off of major railroads capable of housing 8000 plus, and these aren’t detention camps, they are “DEATH CAMPS!” Complete with guillotines and coffins, we know that DHS has ordered almost 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition, which alone is an act of war against the American people in itself! You and I both know the beast will stop at nothing to reach its end game, and that includes the use of nuclear weapons of mass destruction. If you believe for 1 second that going the route of the so called “due process” is the answer than you sir are sadly mistaken, the system is rigged in their favor, and that is quite apparent with the way they treated Ron Paul running for president and the unconstitutional laws they pass on a regular basis not to mention that 80% of the Peoples were against the 8 hundred billion dollar bailout but did they listen to us, NO they did not. This is just another method these psychopaths use to distract us from there real agenda, mass murder, depopulation of the human race. They know if they take out the American people first, the rest of the countries will fall easily!!!!

        • Scott says:

          Yes I think we have time and this is why. They are using Fabian tactics. They move slowly so as not to alarm too many people. I’m over 50 and I’ve been hearing rumors of UN troops in our country for 25 years. No real proof, just rumors. As for camps and railcars and guillotines and coffins oh my! Well again, a few pictures along with “insider” intel. I’m sorry, But common sense tells me if our country was swarming with UN troops we would have more evidence other than pictures and rumor. To be honest, I suspect many of these stories are disinfo. If I was the government I would most certainly want you quaking in you boots over camps and coffins and FEMA and my vast irresistable power. Ever seen the movie Wizard of Oz? Again…I could be wrong. I’m not a seer or mystic. I don’t have all the answers. But I’ve heard many of these same stories for decades. Let’s not get our knickers in a bunch. Our enemy moves slowly. We have time. Let’s use it wisely.

          • Henry Shivley says:

            You are not only wrong, but you are dangerously wrong. This hot air economy is doomed to fail and if you don’t believe it is happening quickly, you must not spend very much money. You can wipe your ass on a hundred dollar bill and feel its full worth as it rakes across your backside.
            Our enemies have their backs against the wall. Time is running out, and quickly. They have to act.

          • Scott says:

            Hi Henry. Yes I agree the economy is doomed. Since the creation of the Fed in 1913 failure was built into the fiat money system. And I agree the elite feel their backs are against the wall. As a product of public education, perhaps I don’t express myself as eloquently as I would like. So since we seem to agree about the economy and the elites, I think I should elaborate on why I think they will continue to move slowly in contrast to some who think bloodshed is imminant. These people who control what’s happening are very, very smart and educated. They have been moving slowly for decades…perhaps centuries. They know people are waking up. So what do they do? It’s a dilemma no? They could speed up, move quickly…a nuke false flag, blame it on 2nd Amendment folks and…blitzkreig. That’s an option. I don’t discount it as possible. As I’ve said, I’m not a mystic. I don’t know for sure what the future holds. Another option is to back off, and go slow again. If they go with option #1…it’s on and they could lose. They have spent lifetimes on their plan. If I were them I’d see that as risky. Option 1 has unknowns. No plan survives first contact right? But if you slow down, you don’t alarm the fence-sitters. Boston was to be blamed on 2nd Amd. folks. They had to go back to the “scary muslims” storyline. They had to go with Plan B. Why? because of the alternative media. Guys like you who spread the word that Boston was a false flag. They HAD to back off. The martial law dry run was a success. So it wasn’t a waste to them. So I think they are going to ramp up the false flag “scary muslims” stuff for a while. Too many people are waking up every day. To push it quick, well no pun intended, but it could blow up in their face. So that’s why I think they will go slow…false flags…international distractions like Syria, Iran, etc. And I think we have some time to work and prepare and educate others. If we must fight I will stand with my countrymen. But having seen the elephant…I can say it is not something to be desired or talked lightly of. If fight we must…we will. But until then let us exaust all other options to regain liberty. OK…enough of Scott’s soapbox. Oh…one more thing…Go Blackhawks!!!

  5. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    Hi Scott,

    By the nature of your comments,.. it sounds like your front and center there in Colorado, and most probably are involved with this in some way.

    I am not present on the ground there, and do not know all the local sentiments or resources available to engage this traitor, and so therefore defer to your admonitions on the situation there.

    Please be good enough to understand you have our full support in your efforts, and should you need to bring some of the legal/political particulars to light, please feel free to write a short artilce to post here on FTT, and what kind of help people can bring to your assistance.

    Good luck in your fight in that you are absolutely correct,.. you are fighting beast, and the worst mistake anyone can make is to underestimate these communist traitors, or their under-handed methods!

    Please keep us informed of the developments there, as you seem to be our eyes and ears there.

    Good luck to you, to all the Patriots in Colorado,.. and to our country, as this fight has broader implications for the rest of the country, and these communists know that.

    JD – My best wishes to your efforts in Colorado.

    • Scott says:

      Negative sir. I am not in Colorado. I’m sorry if I misspoke and gave you that impression. I was speaking about what was going on and how we are all fighting the same fight. My AO is northern Illinois. But, like you, I support all efforts to slay the beast. We need to put our differences aside, find common ground, unite as Americans and fight wherever we must in any way we can. We can disagree on details as long as we see our enemy clearly and support each other and lend assistance when needed.

  6. VoxVeritatis says:

    Senator (for not much longer) Morse, did you ever seriously consider who was actually behind the alleged “20 6-year-olds shot in the face” event and what agenda it so conveniently served?? Did you ever seriously examine the question of “cui bono” (to whose benefit), Senator (for not much longer) Morse?? Instead of your gutless grandstanding, perhaps the answers to those questions should be your priority, Senator (for not much longer) Morse. And if you already KNOW the answers to those questions and you’re still carrying on with this mockery of the rule of law and desecration of the Constitution, then you should be horse-whipped and hung by the neck from a sturdy tree limb.

  7. HOUNDDAWG says:

    Career-politicians-for-life have cultivated the power of the incumbency because they want to leave feet first or not at all, if science ever perfects that whole “They Saved Hitler’s Brain” technology.

    If they have their way the senate chambers will be filled with a bunch of jars containing the brains of centuries old hacks.

    Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Money cannot compare, which is why the
    Kennedys, Nelson and Jay Rockefeller didn’t opt for endless partying on their private islands.. After exhausting the thrill of career sex and owning all of the best cars, boats, watches and toys, what’s left to thrill any rich politician but power over our lives?

    Morse may say that he ” wouldn’t mind losing his political career over the gun bills” (as he whistles past the political cemetery) but we can safely assume that no other state or federal politician would want to be stripped of her or his entitlement. This is why the US Senate just couldn’t bring themselves to convict a clearly guilty and impeached Bill Clinton. The crusty old senators were too terrified to open the door to their worst nightmare, because if it could happen to Bill, then….

  8. Guy Daley says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Coloradans on compiling the recall signatures. Lets hope the “justice” system doesn’t find a technicality to overrule the whole petition. This is typically what happens when the people attempt to fight back against corrupt government. The other two recalls fizzled (due to lack of signatures?) Americans have a damn hard type putting their backstabbers on notice. They usually vote the incumbents back into office.

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