John Stossel Defends Economic Terrorism

I just returned home from town where I had discovered that literally everything I had purchased had gone up 20%.  I turned the television on and there was John Stossel, a neo-con in libertarian clothing, doing a segment in defense of economic terrorism.  He said it was in defense of bankers and capitalism.  I tell you what Johnny, I know the difference.

He was interviewing an investment banker who was defending Bain Capital and Mitt Romney.  This banker put forth the notion that these investment hit squads were actually good people, whose job it is to save businesses.  He said that they saw where the inefficiencies were, and in correcting those inefficiencies, saved businesses that would have otherwise went bankrupt.  BUULLLSHIT!!!

This is what Bain Capital did; it went to investors of companies and told them that they could be making record record profits instead of just record profits.  You see they were already making record profits through wage and benefits cuts.  Well that wasn’t good enough.  So how did they make record record profits?  They laid off the workers, dismantled the factories, and moved them to China where they were manned with Chinese slave labor.

Now John Stossel would say, “Well that is their business”, but it is not.  The reason that factory existed here in the first place was because of the raw resources in the United States that were used to create their product.  These raw resources belong to we the people.

Under NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT, not only did these corporate slime bags get cash subsidies for moving our industry overseas, but they are also getting to take our resources for nothing to China to be manufactured into goods.

John Stossel knows this but did he put forth the question of the factories being dismantled and moved to other countries?  Hell no.  He is just another corporate pimp being paid to facilitate the theft.

I’ll tell you what, all you corporate pustules.  You cannot pay enough for an ad campaign that will change the fact that we the American people of the American race intend to see you prosecuted, stripped of your wealth, which in reality is our wealth, and punished severely in ways that you cannot even begin to imagine.

You see while you were running your “Don’t hate the bankers” propaganda, the people were at the grocery stores wondering how they were going to keep from going hungry for the next month.

Look at what they are doing.  Not only do we get a 20% markup at the grocery store because the price of diesel fuel went up 20%, but we also got screwed another 20% on the gas we bought to go to town to get our groceries.  And why?  Was it a gas shortage?  Noooo.  Was it because of tensions in the Middle East?  Noooo.  We have a glut of gas and diesel in the United States.

The reason is simply because these unspeakable bastards just wanted to take some more.  They need record record record profits.  Damn them all to hell.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Well said, Henry. It’s infuriating. Every trip to the grocery store is more expensive. In NYC, gas is now over $5 a gallon in some places. I shudder to think how much it will be after Memorial Day, when they do their seasonal price gouge.

  2. Isn’t it rather ironic that our founding fathers would be labeled as “terrorists” by the current government’s definition.

  3. Terrorist is a meaningless word that can be whimsically bandied about to suit the needs of anyone desiring a reason for war.What John Stossel defends is the large amount of fiat currency he makes for following the globalist line while shitting himself that he’s doing no great dis-service to anyone else.He is doing a great dis-service to the world population as well as to his family and himself.Stossel needs to realize that global dictatorships don’t need propogandists or their families and that he destroys himself.

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