John Travolta is Forrest Gump

Jun 12, 2020

John Travolta was actually offered the part of Forrest and he turned it down to appear in Quentin Tarantino’s classic Pulp Fiction.

In order to create a realistic deep fake, we extracted 6,000 high quality still images of John Travolas face from several of his films released around the same time as Forrest Gump. Using these images we can create a 180 degree facial profile that we feed into a machine learning driven piece of software (DeepFaceLabs), along with Tom Hanks face from Forrest Gump. The software, over days and sometimes weeks, learns to transfer Travoltas face to Hanks. It’s not always perfect and some post editting is required to touch up rough edges that usually occur with lighting and color correction.

7 thoughts on “John Travolta is Forrest Gump

      1. That’s the only reason why I pay any attention to msm, Mary. It’s a fair threat assessment tool to throw in yer kit. Helps me gauge just how dangerous they will be today.

  1. The Running Man (1987) Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Transfer the face and kill the unsuspecting double.

    Just in time for the COVID crowd.

  2. while creepy, that is the best acting Travolta has ever done.
    It’s cultural appropriation. Damn gays taking straight people’s jobs. Lol

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