John Williams – Buy Gold – Coming Hyperinflation Makes Dollar Worthless

My Fellow Patriots:

Here is an interesting interview with John Williams for

In this interview he talks about the coming US Hyperinflation, and by no coincidence, he compares what that means to the Zimbabwe hyperinflation I have mentioned several times.

Williams is NOT a great public speaker, and he waters the truth down by not putting all of this in more direct terms/language, but anyone who cares about preparing themselves for the coming monetary destruction of the US Zollar (Zionist/Jew Dollar MISTAKENLY called the US Dollar), this is a decent interview.

The take-away: The US Zollar is in its last stage of utility or use. It is going to become worthless via the process of ad-infinitum printing, and total debasement by the GREAT GIVE-AWAY of endless bailouts and financial “stimulus” checks being sent out everywhere.

Hyper-Inflation unimaginable here??,… yeah,… so said the same thing by people in ALL the countries where it has happened already.

Heed the warning as you see fit.

JD – US Marine Fighting Global Tyranny

One thought on “John Williams – Buy Gold – Coming Hyperinflation Makes Dollar Worthless

  1. Buy a good shovel and a couple D-4s, you’ll also need a good water source for the wash rack. Because if you wanna buy it, forgettaboutit. Dig for it!!!

    Couple of German Shepards never hurts either.

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