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Please join us tonight at 8PM Central time right here for our weekly broadcast. We want your input. Feel free to call in with questions or ideas that will help American Nationals be ready for what is coming.

Last Stand or Defensive Position. Tonight we plan to discuss defending your family or group at the home or retreat against invasions and attacks. We are planning on going over several things that we believe everyone should be doing now to get ready for any home invasion, whether it is gangs or governments that are the invaders. We want your input. Feel free to call in with questions or ideas that will help American Nationals be ready for what is coming.  

This can be a tough task to accomplish, but you can also make it interesting by thinking through every possibility. You will sleep a lot better at night knowing that you have thought of most possibilities and can defend your home. I hate to say it, but with the country in the state that it is in, the days of loading your shotgun and chasing off an intruder are over. Things are different. You need to plan on a group of trained people invading your home with a lot of firepower. They mean business and you should as well. Remember about two years ago there was a Marine in his home and the cops invaded. He grabbed an AR and was going to defend his home. They shot 72 bullets at him and he was shot 22 times. They watched as he bled out on the floor. You need to be ready to fight this type of invasion.

We also want to discuss the issues that we see with the siege in Nevada presently being conducted by traitors that work for the communists and how this going to affect not just Nevada, but all of us.

Missy will be discussing toxic chemicals in the home and how to make green cleaners and many uses for coffee grounds.

Any questions or ideas can be sent to us at

See yall tonight!

3 thoughts on “Join us for Get Ready It’s Coming

  1. Ive had the RACS training, Ive had multiple tactical training , even took many many months of Krav Maga , and still go back to keep fresh
    I dont think anything prepares you for a thuggout entry to your home in the dead of the night, one can only hope that you make the right moves, and have adequate cover, but in the end they are going to do thier best to kill you, even if it means burning you up in your own home..
    my feel for that is if BIG IF if you are alert enough or given enough time to make a move, make your move to get out of the home as covertly as possible
    set up out side the perimeter and watch what they do from behind the scenes

    let them not find you when they come looking, yet you have them right where they need to be … for you

  2. I think having a sturdy , buttressed door that takes them more than one or two bashes to remove is a simple but highly effective delay. While they are pounding away, one has time to pick up the phone and grab a few things.

  3. I still like the idea of a few pieces of furniture in halls/trips wires of high test line and forcing a noisy entry as early warning system.There are also many other ways to have early detection in todays high tech world,and geese have been used for 1000’s of years as early warning system.I still also like the two bottles,one ammonia/one bleach,hit and break your invaders if not masked in hospital,very nasty gas.A planned hit short of hidden escape tunnels ect. doubt without a long range warning time to flee,certainly time though to be awake and ready.I would say whatever gangs doing this one can also start taking the battle to them on your terms,perhaps as they step out of their home to start another day of tyranny,just a thought.

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