Joseph Stoiber Arrested For Spitting On Sidewalk In Lakeland, Florida

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If you work for a multinational bank, you can help drug lords and terrorist associates launder billions of dollars without worrying about spending a minute in jail. But for one insomniac, the simple act of spitting got him thrown in the slammer.

As originally reported by Joseph Stoiber, 29, was arrested for spitting on a sidewalk in Lakeland, Fla. in the early morning of May 30.

“I bent over slightly into the grass area and spit slightly without any audible noise,” Stoiber told TBO at the time. “The police officer then looked at me and he asked me, ‘Did you spit on the curb?’ And I responded, ‘Yes I did.’ ”

Stoiber spit after he had refused officer Tyler Anderson’s request to pat him down. Anderson patted him down anyway and that’s when Stoiber spat the accumulated saliva from his chewing tobacco on the sidewalk.

Stoiber was jailed and released on $250 bail. The charge against him was dropped by prosecutors, but Stoiber told the Ledger this week that he thinks the cops who arrested him got off easy.

After an internal investigation, Anderson had to write an essay about search-and-seizure policies, officer safety, verbal skills and arrest procedures. Officer Nicholas Ivancevich, who assisted on the arrest and also spit on the sidewalk, was told to write a research paper about officer safety, interpersonal and verbal skills, and book-in procedures.

Stoiber said he’s considering his legal options and believes both officers should have been fired. He also said he thinks he was arrested not because he spat, but because he refused the officer’s request to be pat down.

2 thoughts on “Joseph Stoiber Arrested For Spitting On Sidewalk In Lakeland, Florida

  1. Next thing you know people will start getting caned. Oh…wait…I guess they already do that with their billy clubs.

  2. Finally the nazi tactics of officers Anderson and Ivancevich have been exposed and my sources at the department tell me the dirty duo have been seperated. There are many other victims of these rouges that need to come forward although the pair primary targets are homeless people whom they threaten to beat up if they dont leave town the pair is also known for arresting people and stealing the arrestees identification card only later to harass the person when they get released for not possesing one.Finally Anderson came across the wrong fellow.people in lakeland dont realize just how deep Andersons unprofessional and even criminal behavior is but now he met someone that didnt fall for his bullish tactics and he and his partner who also spit on the ground has been OUTED…

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