Journalists Give FBI Links To Cyber-Criminals Defaming Sandy Hook Victims

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Columbia, S.C.–A group of journalists have responded to requests for help by law enforcers in Connecticut and the FBI concerning the widely reported defamations of Sandy Hook victims by so-called “conspiracy theorists.”

Law enforcers broadcast pleas for assistance when the families and friends of the Sandy Hook victims were harassed, stalked, ridiculed, and defamed by so-called “conspiracy theorists,” who the journalists evidence operate a commercial enterprise enriched by the controversy, publicity, and increased “traffic” to web-stores operated by the gang members.Contrary to the “conspiracy theorist” label, the cyber-criminals victimizing the people of Sandy Hook who have suffered unspeakable horrors, are a half-dozen well-organized professional propagandists, led by a Utah “businessman” espousing anti-government, anti-Semitic, white supremacy theology in blogs and videos that drive sales of products, like “Nuke Israel” tee shirts and baby bibs.

“These loathsome characters have similarly defamed me and more than a half dozen of my colleagues in the independent media for several years,” said author and filmmaker Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, speaking for the whistleblowers. “We’ve been compiling and reporting evidence on this criminal operation for years, anticipating law enforcers would ultimately serve justice.”

“We are sorry it has gotten to this point, where the Sandy Hook community became doubly victimized, first by the shootings, and then by the character assassinations,” said Sherri Kane, who authored the “Open Letter to Lt. Paul Vance” that names the culprits in the cyber-attacks.The journalists, including Howard Nema of We Are Change Connecticut, and Michael Vara, host of Late Night in the Midlands talk radio show, authored a Special Report & Commentary analyzing the evidence submitted to law enforcers.

“This matter of ‘free speech’ will define efforts to curb Internet freedoms,” said Vara. “I am not in favor of increasing Internet restrictions, but when anyone abuses their First Amendment rights to violate other people’s rights to life, liberty, and happiness, then civilized people have no other choice but to say, enough-is-enough.”Horowitz, who was Harvard-trained in media health promotions, compares the crime to a “paid political, commercial, social-manipulation that extends beyond the “conspiracy industry” to advance KKK theology inciting hate crimes.”The risks, the journalists report, are everyone’s concern, and they are petitioning people across the country to spread this knowledge to defend peace, justice, and civility not only in the Sandy Hook community, but nationwide.


Note to journalists: For interviews on this topic, please contact Sherri Kane

6 thoughts on “Journalists Give FBI Links To Cyber-Criminals Defaming Sandy Hook Victims

  1. Horowitz is a vile character who would cut your heart out if he could make a buck. I personally know someone he ripped off.

    He poses as some kind of New Age priest and tries to hoodwink those who fall for his scam into buying all sorts of “nutritional” concoctions.

    The people he mentions have likely outed him for what he is.

  2. Why do they need Journalists to give them the information? They are the FBI. Just hack into someone’s computer via the Internet or the NSA and find out for themselves like they always do.

    Did anyone read that letter/document? It basically tells them that “Christian Identity theology” is a terrorist threat. So now Christians are terrorists? Bahahahaha!!! OMG! Typical. Just another proven sign that the U.S. is run by a foreign government.

    Read “Total Resistance” book as labeling religious groups as terrorists is one of the first of many signs of a total police state run by a dictatorial government. Especially those of Christian religions.

    1. They’re attempting to perpetuate the illusion that everything on the internet isn’t monitored 24/7.

      SOME people may even still actually believe that. LOL

  3. This article is in a form of very defamatory speech on many people in general who are dealing with conspiracies which these guys also do on their own websites. There are 1000s of users on Youtube who makes a lot of videos about it where most are never doing or saying anything against the law and would be thrown off Youtube if they did.
    It’s interesting that most footage is from mainstream media in regards to Sandy Hook and I spent quite some hours watching it on Youtube and a few other websites where it’s obvious that what is shown on mainstream media is highly questionable of being truthful whether some where killed there or not.
    If honest people can’t share their disgusts of being lied to because some lunatics takes it too far there is seriously something wrong and it’s fine to report anyone actually having done a crime to any law enforcement agency, but this is a general insult on more people as well – One may wonder for what purpose one targets a whole group of people for talking about mainstream lies.


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