Judaism Incorporated. Betraying Gentiles, It’s What They Do.

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Herbert Hoover was an American Rothschild  agent and business partner. During World War I, Hoover started a charity which took donations from the Allied nations while claiming to feed and clothe the widows and orphans of Belgium. What the Rothschilds and Hoover actually did was to load food onto trains in Belgium which they sent across No Man’s Land to to feed German soldiers. The Germans weren’t able to adequately feed their soldiers. The Rothschilds fed the men who were killing Allied soldiers so the war would last well beyond 1915 or 1916. They  wanted the war to last until they could set up a Jewish dictatorship in Russia that eventually killed more than 60 million Gentiles. And the Rothschilds also wanted to turn Palestine into a British run colony for the Jews.  

Judaism Incorporated is my explanation for the behavior of Judaism’s self-appointed Jewish leaders. They are not a race and certainly not a religion as we would define the term.

But on the bright side, as soon as Gentiles learn the Jewish related scam to any war or social movement, they are better able to defend themselves against the next fraud.

The most current Jewish frauds are Al Qaeda and ISIS. The Soviet Union had ceased to make money for Judaism Incorporated in the 1970s. That is when another Rothschild agent, Zbigniew Brzezinski, dreamed up Al Qaeda which is Arabic for base. In this case it meant database or list of Arabs willing to work for MI6, the CIA and the Mossad. They attacked the Russians and forced them to send troops into Afghanistan to defend a friendly regime. After the Russian invasion, the US started funding a resistance movement that bankrupted the Soviet Union which had fallen into the hands of Gentiles. After the Russians went bankrupt, the Rothschilds and their friends in New York and the City of London teamed up with the Jew Boris Yeltsin to loot Russia’s pensions and state enterprises of US $240 billion. They also unleashed Jewish organized crime on the world which is very big in human trafficking, organ harvesting, drugs and illegal weapons sales. Today the Jewish Lobby still helps to run Russia.

ISIS was originally known as Al Qaeda in Iraq. And Al Nusra was Al Qaeda in Syria. The Jewish Lobby in the US helped Israel take down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 with controlled demolitions on 9-11-2001. They also helped the Jewish media sell the world public on the false claim that Al Qaeda did 911. It was only Judaism Incorporated that had access to the Towers to wire them for demolition. Because 911 was falsely blamed on Al Qaeda it has been illegal ever since for the US to send aid to them. Please note that the US trained, armed and funded ISIS according to Seymour Hersh, the ex-DIA Chief, General Michael Kelly, and numerous other US military sources. Yet there has been no peep from the media and the politicians about Al Qaeda receiving aid from the US government. We are using US helicopters to rescue ISIS commanders. We are air dropping ISIS supplies and even bombing the Iraqi Army when they do their job which is to attack and destroy the invading terrorists.

This is part of a greater Jewish scam. George Soros is funding the migration of millions of Muslims in a slow motion invasion of Europe. Soros is doing a similar thing in America. He is behind Amnesty which has brought millions of the least capable immigrants along with hundreds of thousands of professional career criminals together with members of violent drug gangs.

I have written before about David Rothkopf’s book Superclass in which he discusses the Thirty Families and the 6,000 Minions who run our sham democracies in the West. Rothkopf used to be the CEO of Kissinger Associates.

The Scam here is that the Rothschilds and the members of the other Thirty Families have stolen so much money from our pensions and savings that we face two choices. 1) Gentiles must either arrest the Bankers and seize what they stole from us to fund Debt Cancellation. or 2) We must allow the Thirty Families to keep what they have stolen and let the kill us.

I have concluded that the Bankers have decided to start multiple Race Wars when the economy collapses under the burden of corruption at the top. After a few million Gentiles die in the Race Wars and Food Riots, the Minions of the Thirty Families could release a few plagues to kill a couple billion more people. The goal is to have us under 24 hour electronic surveillance. All of our money will be stored as digital credits in Banks which are allowed to charge us for making deposits and be allowed to take hundreds of billion in our savings every time they need to Bail Out for their incompetent investments.

Judaism Incorporated is absolutely incapable of concerning themselves with your life. If you must die along with a few billion other Gentiles, then that is not their concern. Their only concern is that you believe their lies and refuse to criticize them as you die from their evil machinations.

You can read about their lack of concern in the following article which quotes the Talmud as saying it is legal to rob the Gentiles as soon as we get control of their government.

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