Judge OKs sanctuary cities, rules anti-sanctuary law unconstitutional

Washington Times – by Stephen Dinan

A federal judge in New York has ruled the Trump sanctuary city crackdown illegal Friday — but even went further and also ruled the law Congress passed requiring information-sharing is unconstitutional.

Judge Edgardo Ramos‘ decision frees sanctuary jurisdictions in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Washington, Massachusetts and Virginia to continue their policies without fear of losing federal money.  

The judge said the Trump administration attempted to write new conditions of cooperation, including notifying the feds of illegal immigrants ready for pickup, beyond what Congress had authorized. He said it is up to Congress to decide those conditions.

“The separation of powers acts as a check on tyranny and the concentration of power,” the judge wrote

But beyond that, the judge ruled Section 1373 of immigration law, which requires at least some level of information-sharing, to be a violation of the Constitution’s Tenth Amendment, which prohibits federal interference with state powers.

Read the rest here: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/nov/30/judge-oks-sanctuary-cities/

3 thoughts on “Judge OKs sanctuary cities, rules anti-sanctuary law unconstitutional

  1. Are these pieces of shit judges even elected? Of course not! Unelected judges dictating policy. Oil your desert eagles kids!

  2. Wow.
    A judge from Jew York.
    I’m stunned.
    Not really, I’m about to drift off to sleep as this is a, what else is new, story?
    Do you think the Judge may have gotten Jew financial support to get appointed?
    He’s paying back his Zionist Hebrew masters?
    Send all of these sanctuary migrants, not immigrants, to Jew York City and see how that works out.
    Then force them them migrate back to the shithole country they came from.
    After Jew York City is returned to non-Zionist Control.
    Or maybe I fell asleep and was dreaming about the Rule of Law and cleansing Zionists out of America?

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