Judge Orders Defiant Kentucky Clerk to Jail

ABC News

U.S. District Judge David Bunning told Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis she would be jailed until she complied with his order to issue the licenses. Davis said “thank you” before she was led out of the courtroom by a U.S. marshal. She was not in handcuffs.  

Davis has refused to issue marriages licenses for two months since the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. She argues that her Christian faith should exempt her from signing the licenses.


10 thoughts on “Judge Orders Defiant Kentucky Clerk to Jail

  1. “She argues that her Christian faith should exempt her from signing the licenses.”

    Had she been a jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hare Krishna, church of Satan, or any one of dozens of other ‘religions’, they would have acquiesced.

    ANYTHING but Christian.

  2. This will not end well. The clerk stood her ground citing God’s Law, as opposed to the sicko ruling by the Supremes. The judge, placing the clerk in jail, smacks of a challenge in God’s face. We’ll see how that turns out.

  3. Jail? Why wasn’t she just fired? and……..when did Congress pass the LAW allowing gay marriage…..Supreme Court issued an OPINION they do not make law

  4. Apparently the intent of my comment was misconstrued. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the legality of what she did. My point was that had that been a jew making the same claim, for instance, we would have seen Abe Foxman foaming at the mouth, with the ADL, SPLC and a dozen other jew organizations screaming bloody murder (as well as ANTI-SEMITISM) at the top of their lungs. Same goes for the Muslims (sans the anti-Semitism).

    The ONLY reason these anti-Christian articles make the MSM is to paint Christians in a bad light (not that there aren’t plenty of FAKE Christians out there already accomplishing that goal). Granted, virtually ALL the Christian churches are corrupted these days, but there are still good Christians around, and I say this because I personally know quite a few.

    The one thing we’re NOT seeing in cases like this is any Christian organizations stepping up to at least defend her moral stand, even if the legality of it is indefensible. All we hear from them is this…

    1. Not some, but most Christians are good, decent people. It is the church that has become corrupt and the good Christian that is guilty of allowing it just as sure as the good American nationals have allowed the same within government. I guess maybe the road to hell is paved with ignorance. The good Christians cling to their corrupt churches like the good Americans cling to their political parties, neither realizes that they themselves have become corrupt through their acquiescence to the apparatus, which in one case defies the teaching of the Bible and in the other, the Bill of Rights.
      By the way, #1, you are one of those good Christians, a step above, fueled by your propensity to look at reality and ask questions.

      1. “The good Christians cling to their corrupt churches like the good Americans cling to their political parties,…”

        Perfect analogy, Henry.

        The sad truth is, however, that the more I discovered the truth about the NWO, the harder it became for me to be around anyone who wasn’t at least willing do ANY investigation into any of the things I was telling them. And this included the majority of my Christian friends, both at my church, and Crossroads as well (although there were at least a half dozen or so at Crossroads that I was able to convince).

        I was pretty much done with church after finding out about the 501(c)(3) aspect, and how deep the corruption goes. That does NOT, however, in any way affect my belief in Christ Jesus.

        The false shepherds of those churches will have to answer for what they’ve done, not I.

      2. Henry, I’ve been mulling this one over a bit, and I’ve come to this conclusion.

        This woman says she cannot in good (Christian) conscience file marriage licenses for gays. This was in violation of her oath, as she knew it would be. Since it was abundantly clear that there was no way the ‘system’ is going to bend or change the rules to accommodate her, once she was threatened with jail her next step SHOULD have been to quit. If she was absolutely serious about her ‘religious convictions’, that would have been the only sensible Christian thing left to do. She HAD to realize that she would lose her job anyway after spending enough time in jail, so being incarcerated was pointless. It makes no sense UNLESS…

        … the whole thing was engineered from start to finish, with her cooperation. The NWO is pushing their abominable LGBT agenda at every opportunity, and Christians are the most outspoken against it.

        I believe the # 1 aim of this farce is to demonize us for being ‘anti-gay’ in the eyes of the brainwashed vidiots in this country.

        Unfortunately, they have a ‘captive’ audience, in many cases.

        1. Of course it was all orchestrated. If this woman is as politically aware as she tries to make herself seem to be, she could not work within this corrupt communist system in any capacity.
          This was designed to throw the fags out front and center in an attempt to codify the unconstitutional violation of our rights, perpetrated by the supreme traitors. The fags are not that many and will absolutely run from this country when the lightning strikes the outhouse and the shit begins to fly.
          We’ve wasted a lot of energy on this bullshit that could have been better applied to the cause of our survival as freemen.

  5. This sucks what they are doing to this woman. Good for her for sticking to her moral code. EVERYONE who was involved in calling her on the carpet, and now incarcerating her now are on record for their part in all of it from the Judge, prosecutor, public officials, and Police. All and every one of those creeps have names and faces and they stepped out into the light of day.

    I’m sure all those names and faces are finding their way onto various lists around the country as well. Nice of them to give out all that information.

    For the FUTURE!!

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