2 thoughts on “Judge Slaps Feds

  1. This is a little out of my league and I’m probably not getting the whole picture, but it sure did stir up some anger. I wish he had mentioned why the FBI originally went after this. Was there some kind of tip, or is it just the usual practice to go snooping everywhere? And gotta point out, this guy, though exposing some serious infringements, is an attorney and therefore operating in an unlawful court system. That said, this is still a grievous offense against humanity. I mean your possessions are seized without probable cause and supposedly they can be inventoried but not searched. So tell me, how does one inventory without searching?!! Wow, they sure do use some double-speak.

    Personally, I would never own a safe-deposit box in a bank or any other enterprise. They sell fire safes in all sizes, and they’re not too expensive; they protect money and important documents. I have to ask… is there anything that has more cojones than civil asset forfeiture? Please, just call it THEFT. It’s too bad this has had to be tied up in the unlawful admiralty courts. With the peoples’ Common Law Court it would have been open and shut: “That’s mine and you stole it.”

    Thanks for posting this, EOTS. It really shows the ruthless communism we’re up against, the kind that wants to own EVERYTHING and will kill and steal to do so.


    1. yep, a lot of lessons in one short video, if one pays close enough attention to what is said

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